The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

My favorite one hit wonder….wait a minute mutha….

on January 3, 2009


so I just got real excited. this song came on and I forgot how much this goes so hard! my favorite one hit wonder of recent times that I can think of–I hate to call him this but hey, it is what it is…..Rich Boy!!!

Throw Some D’s was the best song of 07! say I’m lying.

and the remix….man what did I say about someone starting off the song hard? MY MAN ANDRE 3000 did that!

I think I fell back in love with Dre on this song…no I fell back in love on that Lloyd Remix, no it was the Walk it Out remix….when he decided he wanted to be a MC again….yes that was it.

the songs that brought my lover Andre 3000 back to me: Walk it Out remix, You remix, then this joint….

some lyrics from my boo, better yet the entire verse :

Ain’t a hood nigga but a nigga from the hood
See mama stayed on me so I turned out pretty good
But if you wanna try it sucker now then we can do it
Ha ha sleep, Tylenol PM if I pull it
Sh-sh-sheep, count ’em for the rest of ya life
Yeah yeah ya partner got away but now he vegetable-like
So so I sent his mom and dad a whole case of V8
He can die, any second, how much long it’s ‘gon take?!
‘Gon get it over with, oh what if, you were in my loafers then
You might be the dope but I would flush it down the toilet
Like the boys in blue, when they come through with them boots
And they kickin down the do’, and they don’t care who they shoot
But we do care who they shoot, so we do what we must do
So we act like we run track, then we run straight to the back
But they comin from the back, so we run back to the front
They say get down on ya knees we say what the fuck you want?!
They want cheese, they want bread, they want dough, they want mo’
Than I wanna give ’em but if I keep talkin they won’t know
That my cousin in the back, and we call him Roto-Rooter
Slash plumber, cash runner, and he fire on them computers
Log out!

okay, so that was dope. 3 stacks is in my top 5. BUT between Phonte from LB, Naledge from Kidz in the Hall,  and Wale (my three favorites RIGHT NOW)–Andre is  really gonna drop if he doesn’t supply me with some dopeness, real quick like.

just a random FYI…the others in my top 5 not mentioned previously are Black Thought (all the time) and Nas (sometimes).

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