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so…whatchu drankin on?

on January 3, 2009

so  on NYE I’m at home chilling…..I started mixing drinks….and I used the very last of this big bottle of ciroc my babe bought–I have had it for a good while since I don’t typically throw back liquor by my lonesome. see outside of the occasional wine, I’m a social drinker.

and I started to think of all the songs that are about liquor. seems like rappers only talk about chicks and liquor these days…but I guess that’s better than talking about shooting folks and selling drugs right?

so anyway, I copped that new Jamie Foxx and at first I wasn’t digging it, but I burned a cd and played it in my car…the ultimate test. and it passed. the standout song? Blame It, featuring T Pain.

now people that know me, know I have a love/hate feeling for the Tallahassee Hero. See, I live in T Pain land and hear his songs ad nauseum…. and well I just don’t think he’s that uhm, talented? I mean, yes the man makes some hot songs….but is he really like the musical genius folks (read: artists that really just want to make money so they ask him to make them a hit, or bit his “style” in attempt to make said hits on their own) claim that he is? I don’t know son, I can’t call it.

so back to the dranks. why does this man have so many songs about drinking? Me thinks Mr. Pain needs to attend some AA meetings. Lets list a few okay:

shawty snappin (buy you a drink) *



one more drink

chopped and screwed (luda’s song)*

blame it (jamie’s song)*

not sure if there are more, but you get the idea. the * indicates the songs I actually like….

is there another artist that has as many songs about this subject matter? hmmmm. I think this may be a cry for help. somebody take that man to a meeting.  I mean I guess we could say Dr Dre and them made lots of songs about weed, MJB makes lots of songs about being heartbroken, Musiq makes lots of songs about love in general….but I’m biased cuz I like those types of songs! they are universal and everyone falls in and out of love. and everyone gets drunk too right? okay shut me right up– there it is, this man is a genius (surely I kid).

but back to the drinks…..

so what were/are the hot “rapper endorsed” beverages?  remember when it was Cristal,  Moet, and Dom P–back in the 90’s, then it was about that Hypnotiq, cuz you know everyone was throwing up teal bottles in the videos…. then for some reason Yung Joc and the rest of the ATL rappers had us on Patron…..dudes that ain’t never had tequila in their LIVES–you know most  hood dudes drink brown liquor–hennessey and whatnot all of a sudden were die hard Patron fans. yeah.  Cristal played my man Hov and it became all about Rose’ and Ace of Spades. and then my beloved Ciroc. I just want to say I’ve been drinking Ciroc way before Puffy decided to endorse it, but I’ll also have grey goose (another rap favorite!)  and Stoli. I used to drink Absolut and Smirnoff back in my undergrad days, but just have moved on to better vodka.

now I think the cool drink is Nuvo. I’ve never had, but yes, I will try it. It’s vodka based, its girly looking so yes I’m on it.  I gotta keep up on all things “cool”.

and the song…..which gets heavy play in my whip, on my iPod and the laptop….TPain and all, and I dig the Tally Man’s verse too. its just so fun. fun fun song, makes me want to shake my ass. if I heard this in the club I’d be ready. oh yes.

Here is some remix with no other than the other liquor rapper Yung Joc:

2 responses to “so…whatchu drankin on?

  1. Tunde says:

    You have a lot of good points in this post. lol especially the one about tpain. he does seem to have a lot of songs about drinks. and they are giving away free endorsements to these alcohol companies. thats why i always liked rappers who endorsed their own shit (i.e. armadale).

  2. LMAO this is hilarious! Great points Reecie… That Nuvo I heard can put you on ur ass! Im good

    gr8 Blog!

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