The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…


on January 3, 2009

so in my attempt to live better, I’m sorta on a gym grind….so I typically have a pre-made playlist that I listen to on my iPod when I work out: either the workout mix, or the dance hard mix. The dance hard mix is really for when I’m around the house and I don’t really want to do the elliptical, or the treadmill or pilates. On those days–usually after cooking or cleaning up or something domestic, I turn up the music and just dance. and its fun.  the Beyonce song “Single Ladies” inspired the mix, cuz as much as I hate to admit it that song is catchy and makes me want to move! I’m not one of the pressed people that learned the routine….but I do some of the moves at the appropriate times in the song, I can’t lie. lol.

so anyway, today I decided to just play my ipod on random songs….just roll with whatever, fast, slow, just do me. anyway I’m back, have showered but I kept the ipod going–on my iHome player and this song comes on….MY JAM!

Whoa! first of all, this was THE SONG of 2000. and it of course brings upon fond memories, that was the spring semester of my freshman year of college, and I remember one party in particular when this came on and we all went NUTS! so this stong still has that feeling for me whenever I hear it. This time my iPod plays the remix…and man. Rah Digga kills the intro. I love a song that just starts off hard. and there have been many remixes that have that RIGHT person to just set the song off….and Digga sho nuff did it on this track. This was like the beginning of the 20 minute remix, with like 10 plus people on it, but I love this shit.

“chickenheads wanna know where I shop, like whoa!”

of course they do, cuz I’m fly like that.  lol


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