The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

I keep it tight like ziplocks….

on January 4, 2009

I love love love me some Raheem Devaughn. If I am so lucky to get married I want him to sing at my reception–cuz I’d for sure rock out! I love live music and he just does it for me. I mean of course not more than my future husband, but–On second thought he need not come because if he sings You or Believe or Ask Yourself or Love Drug we might have to leave the reception to get some of that work, you know? whew! *fanning myself*

but when Love Behind the Melody first came out I was like eh…this is no The Love Experience…..but then this song…..shit. THIS SONG? had me soooooooo open.  “so hooked, so sprung, so open”.  and I know what that’s like…to be so addicted to some good stuff. man, I’ma try to keep it pg 13 up in here but……you know what its like when you just wanna cry its so good? you just roll over and be like “shit!” then don’t have nothing else to say…lol.  like don’t even talk to me, just give me some more! I think this song speaks on that…not the actual act, but just the sentiment in general.

You appear as though you’re from Columbia.
You’s keep it tight for me like Ziplocs.
And I just got high when we lip lock… and you just got high when we lip lock.
So you search for me with a flashlight, in the daylight… cause I’m you’re get right.
So no one serves you up girl like I can.
I’m your Mr. Midnight pusher man.

I’m your drug (ooh I’m your drug); and you can’t kick it (you can’t kick it)
You gotta have… cause you’re so addicted

I got you hooked, got you hooked, got you open)
Cause I’m your drug (yea yea, but it’s a two-way street)

See you’re my drug

and I can’t kick it (I gotta have you)
You got me so addicted

See you’re my drug

See my urge gets fulfilled when you come through.
I love every little bit of ounce of you.
See you’re back for more and I’m reeing up.
You’re floating now; that’s that good stuff.
And that’s all day (I’m stone, she’s stone)
And all night (We bang, we bone)
Now hurry back soon when I’m in demand

cause I’m your pusher man.

^^ the other  “love drug”

this man said “you search for me with a flashlight in the daylight” I mean its gotta be that good good for you to be doing foolishness like that. man!

well boo, now I need to call my pusher man…

“excuse me as I kiss the sky….”

another addiction song right here

hit me.

5 responses to “I keep it tight like ziplocks….

  1. D. Mitch says:

    Wow…I feel like I need a cigarette after reading that one. LOL

    But on da real though…Love Drug is a tight song. But I still effs with “She’s Not You” tough….as well as “Customer” and the remix.

    LBTM definitely is holding its own against TLE. Gotta give it to Raheem…not many people these days put out a second joint as tight as their first one….and he’s made it happen.

  2. Cryssy says:

    Desire goes sooo hard also…

    “where are you when i need you most
    can’t you tell how i long for you
    I think its unfairly wrong of you
    teasing me like you do”

    I didn’t dig him at first – he did a live concert at a fashion show and was just blah! But I saw him again and honey I WAS HOOKED…

    his lyrical content is just like WOW!!!

  3. […] he has. its not really diverse as a…..Raheem. But then again y’all know I stans for Raheem. Anyway check his review and I’ll give my feedback at the end–since I’ve been […]

  4. […] to me are: B.O.B. Microphone, Fragile, I Don’t Care. and of course I love Bulletproof. I feel the same way about it as I did when Love Behind the Melody first came out: this is NOT as good as the previous release! hmph. But LBTM […]

  5. […] on that album. And when Love Behind the Melody came out and while I was hooked on all things “Love Drug“, I admit it took about a year for that CD to grow on me individually and for me to  truly […]

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