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Sometimes I feel like my inner me is my enemy….

on January 6, 2009

First off, if you haven’t heard this song. Listen.

Kidz in the hall is one of my newer loves. I didn’t discover them until 2008, and they were one highlight of my year. since then I have also purchased their debut School is My Hustle…but their 2008 releases  Genuises Need Love Too and The In Crowd are in heavy rotation too. I love them. Cool production, dope lyrics…I mean what else do you need?  they don’t have lame features either, they have Phonte, Buckshot, Estelle, Black Milk, Skyzoo, Pusha T, The Cool Kids…I mean more hotness. one day I’m gonna write about my favorite Virginia artists, but I will just say here right now that Pusha T is a guilty pleasure of mine. his voice does it for me. Kinda like Talib, in a different way but I’m a sucker for accents and they both have distinct voices. plus I like both of their flows, individually so…

anyway back to this song…..sometimes I feel like my inner me is my enemy….often.

I tend to overthink things, I tend to try to figure out what the next person’s intentions are. A LOT. and I also have a bad habit of second guessing myself. I think its because I’m so naturally indecisive that if I DO make a decision, I’m already wondering if I shouldve chose the other option, lol. it can make me crazy. I usually figure it out and things go well, or things fall apart….but either way I guess I’ll be alright. I think it may make the people in my life crazy too.  so sometimes I keep the foolishness to myself. because I am fully cognizant of when I’m being foolish. I’m not one of those “oh I ain’t know” type of people. I always know. When I’m acting bitchy, mean, sensitive, crazy, wild, etc. I am fully aware.   I think our complexities make us US, and I don’t really apologize for any of it. unless I hurt other people in the process. I always apologize for that. my quirks shouldn’t affect anyone else’s well being. *sigh* I am soooooooo an only child. I think it will be unique to have children one day so I can observe them. is it wrong to want to have kids so they can be a part of your own sociological experiment? lol.  I just love to people watch and I don’t think my own kids will be an exception to that.

I’m a Libra and “they” say libras are on the constant quest for balance in our lives–but we don’t ever really find it because well, the beauty is in the adventure….and if we had balance, what the hell else would we do? LOL

I think many of us suffer from this “inner me”, being our own worst critic….and the really bad thing is I hate criticism. I mean I know it only makes you better, but I enjoy praise so much more! LOL.

2 responses to “Sometimes I feel like my inner me is my enemy….

  1. tiana ferreira says:

    Wow you have described me down to the t! I love being a libra!

  2. rhb says:

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