The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

Cuz I’m on….

on January 12, 2009

wipe me down…

^^^ I’d so wouldve worn this shirt back when this song was hot.

I have nothing else to add except this will forever be my song.

who told Flava Flav’s son he could get on this remix and do the damn thing?! okay I’m done with the negro rap tonight…

well isn’t this…..cute?

another Boosie favorite. I blame it on living in Florida (yes the Jeezy beat is what sets it off).


7 responses to “Cuz I’m on….

  1. D. Mitch says:

    You already know the South repped this song til it couldn’t be repped no more….

    and then they repped it some more. LOL. I wouldn’t have rocked the shirt…but I like that .gif tho. That’s hot.

    I need to check out the remix if you say that Flav’s son is doin it hot on there.

  2. reeciecup says:

    LOL. D. I think the shirt is girly actually so I’d wear it….and I just call Boosie Flava Flav’s son cuz they look just alike! I swear Flav had something to do with that…..the original song just had Foxx on it from my understanding…the remix has Boosie and Webbie….

  3. D. Mitch says:

    Oh..well in that case, then yeah, I like the remix more than the original. Different style, and flava to it, rather than hearing Foxx the entire time through.

    And you’re right…that shirt is hella girly. But you know negroes in DC would still rock it. LOL

  4. J Money says:

    Damn you Reecie, You had me searching for “Flava Flave’s son, wipe me down remix” on

  5. P. says:

    But Foxx’s version is better to me… cuz his 3 verses on the original are better than Boosie and Webbie’s verses… especially Boosie’s verse … lol

  6. D. Mitch says:

    I can’t even agree with that one. Foxx was all kinds of boring until Boosie brought some different style with it.

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