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King of the Remixes….

on January 12, 2009

Now, so far so good on my continued workouts…its only the 12th, but I’ve been consistent all month. so today during my gym excursion I decided to listen to my remix playlist instead….and I decided to blog about my king of the remix. Now I know Diddy invented the remix and R Kelly perfected it –check the links of two of my favorites by these two, I mean I can lists Bad Boy and Kells remixes for days…. but I want to talk about the rapper who I THINK shines on every remix. Last 2 summers I can’t recall a jam that didn’t include this dude….and it not be hot. and no, I’m not talking Lil Wayne. I’m not sipping that kool aid either….I eff with old Wayne, Bling Bling Hot Boy Wayne…but this new one is weird and while he has some bangers, he’s just eh to me right now, totally overexposed and overrated….on the particular remixes I’m thinking of (and heard today in the gym…Wayne is lackluster at best on)

my king of the remix today is Young Jeezy.

dude isn’t even like in my top anything or my favorite, but this nigga right here? can shine on a damn remix!!!!

some favorites that I heard today:

I’m So Hood–he just starts this one off so hard! and trust me, I am a fan of the original. I don’t know what it is, but I had just moved to Florida….went to the club and this came on and folks started wilin. and I just observed cuz clearly I didn’t know the song…but it grew on me, Trick Daddy? Plies? man. I think that’s when I fell in love with Plies—btw I am no longer in love, ironically I like the Hood Plies better than the “sexmanic” Plies. Bust it Baby is what put the nail in the coffin for me…..but he was my dude back in 07, lol. just a lil bit. 08 not so much.  So Jeezy and my other remix king Luda….killed the remix for this song. Luda is a remix king also….see the next song–he does his thing on this one too…but the last two, are what makes Jeezy the one for me, on this very day.

They Know—man this song, was like the song everyone was on, but kinda didn’t want to admit it. LOL. Shawty Lo is WACK– I said it and I meant it–but this song goes so hard! of course the remix is better than the original, it has Jeezy, Plies, Luda, Busta, and then lackluster Wayne, and his “pa” Baby *insert side eye* Why even include them? LOL.

Hood Nigga–this is another song that just was a summer anthem…..while Zo isn’t wack, he’s not really tight either. the remix allowed others to shine….and Jeezy’s verse makes the damn song. (shout out to my dude Big Boi on the track too).

and last but not least….

Scotty/Geeked Up–first off I  hate D4L. and that’s not saying much right? I mean who likes them? and maybe its just cuz I’ve been in the sunshine state too long BUT…..they play this in the clubs here, and of course not the entire song, just a cut/blend of Jeezy’s verse….cuz it’s that tough. when I hear this in the car on the way home from work, I’m dancing. bottom line.

hope you enjoyed these little ditties, also known as hood classics. ATL rap is just another one of my guilty pleasures, and I dig Jeezy’s nasal ass/scratchy something kinda flow.

2 responses to “King of the Remixes….

  1. D. Mitch says:

    LOL@Jeezy’s nasal ass/scratchy something kinda flow.

    But you’re right…Jeezy will go ultra hard on a remix. I’m So Hood solidified that for me.

  2. […] of getting me hyped–a couple with Jeezy–particularly Geeked Up and Hood Ni@@a featured here, and of course this one still does it for me right here. I’m allowed to engage in foolishness […]

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