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It ain’t all roses….

on January 14, 2009

<—-ain’t all roses.

There are times when he gets on my nerves. yeah I know, the person you love can pluck your everlasting nerve, as only they know how. I know I do it too, probably more often even. I guess I’m what Omar Gooding calls an “unstable creature”, lol.  well on those occasions if I can, I tend to listen to this song. I’on know what it is, but it just sums up how it be sometimes. I have a song for every damn thing…and this is the one for me since this CD came out. I personally think Growing Pains was totally slept on.

I don’t know, people say it didn’t have the punch of Breakthrough, but I think I like it just as much. Some people also say they don’t do “happy Mary” but I do all Mary. she’s had some “eh” CDs, but I can always find a gem in them….I am that much of a fan of hers. I love her unreleased stuff, her remakes….she is IT for me. I absolutely postively hate that Keyshia Cole and Lil Wayne attempted to cover a MJB song, A SICK MJB SONG…like is that even cool? to cover the queen of covers? Mary’s my girl but her music isn’t exactly “there” yet…. give it like 10 more years, then someone can cover Reminisce or something…You Remind Me,  Be Happy maybe….. but this MF’in song that they covered, from her best CD ever……no sah. shit’s awful. and I love Keysh.

but back to this song….Mary said

See, you, you just
You just wanna
Really, really, really push
All my buttons
‘Cause you Mr. Right
And I’m Misses Wrong
But right now today
I feel like
I’m-I’m the one gon’ sing this song!

she told Kendu shut the fuck up and I’ma sing this here! LOL.  “its my way right here for this four minutes I sing this song”. I love it.

another song on this CD that speaks to me is Hurt Again.  I played this song a lot. and cried. I know most of my readers are men and ya’ll might not understand or have “relationship soundtracks” but this here song, just meant so much at the time. It really summed up how I felt,  how most women feel in something new….when you are just afraid to be hurt again, afraid to try again.

since Mary is the queen of relationship songs. Here are a few more, just some sad shit….. but I love her for it. For some reason I don’t have to be sad in my own life in the moment to enjoy these songs, because you can just appreciate them for what they meant to you in your life when you are/were going thru it. Some of my favorites, I’ll do one from each CD, some of the not so popular ones:

Changes I’ve Been Going Through -What’s the 411

Be With You – My Life

Mary’s Joint – My Life (couldn’t just pick one cuz this is my favorite CD, and these tracks are my absolute favorites)

Get To Know You Better -Share My World

The Love I Never Had – Mary, my second fave CD, and hands down THE MOST emotional song I think I had ever heard at the time

Never Been -No More Drama, for real there were only 2 songs I loved on this cd, and this is one…actually not a sad song.

Let Me Be the 1 – Love & Life, its featuring 50 cent but if you can get over that and listen to the lyrics, lol. this is happy Mary and a flopped CD so I can’t even find a link to this one!!!

Alone -Breakthrough, another emotional ass song. and Dave Young sang on that joint too….

and lastly, my faves on Growing Pains, including the song that brought on this post.

now isn’t Mary a sad heiffa? why do people call her happy Mary? she got PLENTY sad songs in the new millenium, I promise. just make you wanna ball up in a corner and cry….or go sit outside a dude’s apartment in your car all night, or  run up and swing on a ninja. or all three.  I kid.

I think Mary’s done all these things in her life. she seems a little TOO passionate about these songs, lol.

but since I’m not in that place in my life right now,  here’s a good happy lovey dovey MJB song.


6 responses to “It ain’t all roses….

  1. Melody says:

    I’m all about MJB! You posted one of my faves–Get to Know You Better. Loves it! I totally feel you on not having to be in a sad place to enjoy Mary’s songs. She has a song for every emotion you might feel in a relationship and everything you might go through. Mary’s music is the soundtrack of relationships–good and bad.

  2. Cryssy says:

    MJB is the! I mean growing pains was totally slept on. I love all of Mary even when she is happy… Her music touches a part of my soul that is unexplainable. Her lyrics have so much power behind them

  3. P. says:

    Booooo to happy Mary…. lol

  4. D. Mitch says:

    I’m diggin the MJB note. I’m kinda indifferent to happy Mary. Don’t get me wrong, she’s doin her thing, but I def felt sad Mary much more.

    And Reecie, you should check out “He Think I Don’t Know”. I felt her on this one, cause I’ve gone through this with a girl. That crap is REAL that she sangin bout!

  5. […] so writing about that music is like….walking? hmm. I dunno. I’ve already posted about the greatness that is MJB, so I won’t go too much on a tangent about her, and moreso just the song. its one of my […]

  6. […] old Mary, her new music sucks and she has to be going thru hell to make good music. I disagree. One of my very first posts on this blog featured two of my favorite songs from Growing Pains, “Roses” and “Hurt […]

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