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Betcha Can’t hang with the Bad Girl….

on January 15, 2009

this will forever and ever be one of my favortite CDs ever. I am probably the biggest Total fan. I loved their debut too…but this one right here? loved it from beginning to end. they were on some other ish that nobody was on at the time…….

and they were soooooo nasty. like for real.

and my favorite song, Rock Track……

Meet me in the hotel lobby
I heard you lookin’ for a freak
Me and you kissin’ in the elevators
Come to room 343
I’m in bed with my negligee
Waitin’ for you to come in
Aye yo I’m kinda of bother cause
An innocent girl gonna sing


I can’t help it it’s the freak in me
That gets me hot and so nasty
Make me wanna take my clothes off

I heard you had a girlfriend
(tell her you’ll be late)
And if she gets an attitude
Then tell her she can come participate
For all I care now
It’s enough for you to go around
And if she don’t wanna share baby
Then tell her I’m gettin’ mine’s now

of course Pam got the gay girl verse…”tell her she can come participate”? aight then Pam. we know how YOU DO.

and just because the Biggie movie comes out tomorrow….here’s a BIG/Total banger….one of my favorite songs back in the 9-5.  the new jersey drive soundtrack? Diddy doing his classic “puff daddy dance”?  the bent over shoulder bounce? man, Puff had swag from birth (okay I promised not to use the S word in 09 but I can’t explain his 90’s style no other way….Puff was alllll up in the video like fuck it, this my shit too). I wonder if Derek Luke is gonna imitate this shit in the movie. THAT would have me so weak…..

4 responses to “Betcha Can’t hang with the Bad Girl….

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