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What What What What What!!!

on January 26, 2009

Superthug still gets it in…..

first of all the NORE album was a banger. I’m a CNN fan though….and while Noreaga has NEVER been a lyricist, he amuses me.

This is one of the first mainstream Neptunes beats. Pharrell and Chad did that….everytime I hear this song I think of NC A&T homecoming 98. I was a senior in high school, and I went with my cousins, one a student at Tee and the other a student at Elizabeth City. My favorite big cousin Disa took a shortie under her wing and let her party with the college kids. I just knew I was going to be an aggie to follow in her and her older brother’s footsteps. While that did not happen, A&T will always hold a special place in my heart and I am an unofficial Aggie!!

so we went to the homecoming greek stepshow and EVERYONE used this song in their intro….it was THE HOT song that fall. I remember watching that show thinking everyone is soooo good! The zetas were hot, the akas and the deltas….I want to say my future Alpha Mu sorors won that year too…..I remember partying at the gym jam afterparty and seeing the AKAs push thru the crowd strolling and getting mad as hell cuz they bumped me! you know a lil hs girl from southside aint know about none of that and was hot!!! I was amused by their “serious faces” as they moved in line like “yeah, we run this shit”. hmph! who would know I’d be doing the same thing just two years later!!!! LOL.

an way, Nore used to say some DUMB STUFF!!

All our whips got navigation
While you whips is just garbation
Is you knowin what you facin?

dude will make up a word in a minute…garbation? but then again he said Acuray in a CNN song…..can you name the song? LOL.  I’m convinced he just does whatever for the sake of a rhyme.


2 responses to “What What What What What!!!

  1. G.Spriggs says:

    what about the NUPE’s? they were hot? lol

  2. reeciecup says:

    actually, that was the day I fell in love with Nupes, just not at the stepshow. lol. they were soooo many there, but they did not step. they were suspended! lol.

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