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I absolutely love this man…..

on January 28, 2009

Phonte of Little Brother.

so I won’t type a whole lot, but I was put on to LB maybe like in 2004? I love them Rapper Big Pooh does his thing too…but Phonte shines.  I also love The Foreign Exchange…..Leave it All Behind is one of the best things musically that happened to me in 2008. Valediction is constantly on repeat.

I used to read the myspace blog faithfully a few years ago, but I’m not really on myspace like that anymore…not sure LB are still doing that one…..

but for the other Phonte fans, I discovered a few things that make my heart warm and I wanted to share them!!!!

he loves movies as much as I do!!!! he has a youtube channel where he reviews movies. I love it. check it here.

I also got put on to Gordon Gartrell Radio–the name alone makes me excited!! I am the biggest Cosby Show fan!!! this has been around for awhile,  I was sleeping, but now I am in the know….

I love this man! and he has a potty mouth and says the N word a lot…but hey. we all have things we need to work on….

shout out to my favorite soul website for always drinking the Phonte kool aid and putting me on to the youtube page and the radio podcast!!!! I just got put on to subscribing to podcasts on iTunes like 3 weeks ago. My homie and childhood friend Keith Mac has a podcast that I subscribe to as well…..and of course I’m down with the Soulbounce podcast.

just wanted to share how much Phonte brightens my day…Carolina stand up!

of course I’m not from Carolina, but my kin folks rep the 252 so sometimes so do I! 🙂

5 responses to “I absolutely love this man…..

  1. Melody says:

    Oh, I totally HEART Phonte! It was you that put me on to LB and I promise I could just listen to Phonte rap, sing or talk to me anytime!

    I play “Cross That Line ” just to hear him say “…them aint the real drums. We tricked you.” LOL

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