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I love this man too….

on January 29, 2009

Loso, in case you aint know so….

I remember first hearing Fab back on the Clue joint The Professional. Back then he went by Fabolous Sport, and I kinda thought his flow was similar to Ma$e. If you aint know, I’m still a Ma$e fan…well I’ll just say I’m a Harlem World fan…that’s still one of my fave joints of the era…

anyway, I thought he sounded kinda like my dude, but not really.  for one he’s proven to be a better lyricist…but he still doesn’t seem to have the appeal that Ma$e even had back then now…and he’s managed to still be relevant in 2009.

Fab is sick on the wordplay, but he’s also good at the “love songs”. Some of my fave hip hop love songs are by Fab. And he’s also another remix king…my dude will do his thing on a remix or just a hook.

some of my favorites featuring LOSO.

Dip it Low remix – hands down Christina Milian’s best song ever……

Superwoman– this was MY JAM! and I mess with Mo. she’s hood but she can sang….

Get Right remix -J Lo. this song still makes me move my body! its on my workout and my dance hard mix. I can’t help but dance to this one…….I kinda stan for J Lo too…so it is what it is…she’s like my Rihanna. she can’t sing but  she soooooo fly that that’s my girl anyway…this song bumps though! I gotta twerk it when I hear it…

Icebox remix……where is Omarion? B2k used to be my dudes. Loso is on that Bada Boom joint that I still kinda listen to sometimes. don’t judge me.  :silly:

Shawty is a Ten remix

and  you already know, my theme song for 08 and into 09

When I do that math boo
You always try to add two
I need someone who’d ride for me
Not someone who’d ride for free
She said boy I don’t just ride, She’ll pull up beside of me
I had to ask her what she doin’ in that caddy
She said “cause you my baby I be stuntin’ like my daddy”
And there’s not many, who catch my eye
We both wearing gucci, she match my fly

I love that part of his verse. anyway….

some of my favorite songs by him…

Breathe– even though my dude said oxygen mas-kes, I still forgive him for that. this joint goes so hard!

Trade it All ft. JE – on my hip hop love songs playlist….this my joint…

Baby -another simpin joint….can you be my bee ay bee why?

and even though this NORE’s song, when I heard Fab’s freestyle to this joint I had to think that this beat is made just for him. my dude Pharrell does his thing! this beat is sick and Fab’s flow is sicker….. my dude is the freestyle king too!

and one of my favorites from his last CD. was Jokes on You…ha ha ha ha ha……wack ass Curtis came out with a similar concept song, but of course Fiddy does not have the skill of Loso….. Jokes on you was soooo dope to me. and its featuring my dude Pusha T.

is it a coincidence that my favoritest rappers are from Brooklyn? I don’t think so….

check the link below, its that new Dream….feat Fab, aint this joint hot? Both of these dudes are what’s hot right now…but not wack like T-Wayne, lmao.

6 responses to “I love this man too….

  1. Tunde says:

    Yeah Fab is one of my favorite artists.

  2. streetztalk says:

    Fab goes hard on everything he spits… one of my favorite lyricists

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