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She may be overrated….

on February 19, 2009

but I effs with this chick anyway….

the other day my ipod crept a jam up on me! I love when that happens.  something I haven’t heard in awhile. didn’t really have on my mind at the time, and it catches you off guard. love that. so anyway. Ms. Keys caught me up, and I just decided to this fine evening revisit some of my jams from my girl.

Lots of folks hate on Keys. say she’s not really that talented, get what she’s “trying” to do, but can’t quite pull it off. I say my girl does her thing. I was not a fan of the last CD though, I can’t even front on it…that first single? boo boo. HATED IT. hated it so much I won’t even link that song. I was BLOWN when she sung that foolishness at the Inaugural Neighborhood Ball. Boo, bish. she shouldve sung Superwoman. But hands down….that CD did have some bangers, quite as kept. well I won’t call em bangers, but they were some good songs.

so just for fun I’m going to do a Alicia Keys top ten. Right now I’m listening to the Diary CD on my iTunes so most of the songs might come from that one…..I really messed with the first CD too though. let’s see.

this is not in any type of order…

#1  Feeling U, Feeling Me –the song that caught me off guard the other day… just sexy. its not even a song, its an interlude. but the music just makes me want to move. slow.

#2  You Don’t Know My Name -THIS is a first single. I heard this joint and instantly was feenin for the new A Keys joint. and of course my dude Mos is in the video. what more do you want? love this one.

#3 Fallin– I know its just as bad as that one Robin Thicke song they played to death on radio, but it will STILL always be my song. I’on even curr.

#4 Karma – I love the lyrics to this one….its just it. just….karma

#5  Like You’ll Never See Me Again -my other boo Common Sense in this one! and I love the message. good video too.

#6 Jane Doe – this song just reminds me of the Reecie that ain’t give a you know what about some other broad……

#7 Teenage Love Affair rmx – I mean…I’m a sucker for the old school hip hop joints. the LL collab and the beat of course is what made the remix sooo much better than the original…

#8 Never Felt This Way -another interlude, another remake, but Keys does it justice.

#9 If I Aint Got You -this one is just as overplayed as Fallin, but I can’t deny a good song. everytime I hear this I have to sing along… “sooooome people want it alllllllll”.

#10 A Woman’s Worth -cuz I mean…”baby you know I’m worth it”…..

oh and my girl Keys has stepped her style game up too. she’s always been pretty, but kinda wack in the gear. I’m glad she’s glammed up and is doing her thing…..

check out this live performance, of one of my favorite songs, but just barely missed the list, from the Unplugged show..with my dude Adam from Maroon 5.


4 responses to “She may be overrated….

  1. Tunde says:

    I like Alicia Keys. Even her last CD has a couple of tracks that are bangers. I don’t understand myself where all the hate comes from. Good post.

  2. Streetz says:

    A Keys is beautiful and super talented. Anyone who says otherwise is a grade A hater! Hot topic luv!

  3. […] you touch me… I wrote about Alicia Keys some time ago, and a few other discussions have been had about her music, especially with the new CD coming out. […]

  4. D. Mitch says:

    Yeah I definitely effs with Ms. Keys. I always been feelin her, ever since she was rockin the braids all the way down to her booty. I think her best live performance to me was on Oprah when she started off playin Rachmaninoff and fell straight into “Fallin”. Good Job lady!

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