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If I Aint a Hot Girl…

on February 24, 2009

then what do ya call that?

400 Degreez came on the radio when I was driving home from work today…of course they blended it with some song and I didn’t get to jam as long as I wouldve liked. boo.

THIS WAS MY JAM!!! click the link, do you see my boy BG?! and look at little DeWayne, lol.  This is when he was still attractive. My crush was on Turk, though….

actually the entire CD was my joint, this song, Rich Niggaz (Weezy was my boy back then, he looks so cute), Juvenile on Fire, HA (hot boyz remix), and of course Back Dat Azz Up… listen…we were DOWN for the hot boyz for real, lol.

Then I went to youtube and found my Trojan Explosion playing it!!! I’m hype especially since I’m headed to CIAA and I have GOT TO see the Trojan Explosion play at the battle of the bands….got to. My BFF was in the band so I always get hype for them…and of course the best thing about a HBCU football game (and basketball too for that matter, sometimes) is the band!!! and the cheerleders. yep.

apparently this is a popular band songs….lots of marching bands have done it…some of the better ones I listened to were Tuskegee and Delaware State…


2 responses to “If I Aint a Hot Girl…

  1. Streetz says:

    THis abum was crack cocaine! I agree 100% reecie!

  2. Amber says:

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