The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

In my earbuds….

on March 8, 2009

songs I can’t stop listening to lately:

Diva by Beyonce. I have no idea why cuz its not really that good…but damn if it isn’t catchy, and “where yo boss at” just tickles the hell outta me. everytime she says that I think to my self  “jay z” LOL. and you know I love him so…. and when she says “sheeeeee aint no diiiiiiiiiiiiva”.  and when she says “I need the bags and the money” LOL ok who am I kidding like the damn song…..

Rockin That Shit by The Dream. I love this dude….why? again I have no idea. you can tell his influences are R Kelly, Prince, and he does the auto tune thing tooo much cuz…maybe he can’t really sing? LOL. I can’t call it, but he makes some hits…and this joint is a banger as only Dream is capable of. I just got the new Love vs Money and I haven’t devoted a lot of time listening to it yet….but I’m on it….. There are so many unofficial remixes to this song, one of my faves already posted here was with Fabolous.

You Complete Me by Keyshia Cole. this has been my favorite song for a minute. It just makes me feel happy. I love it…..that’s my jam. I’m loving the new Keyshia. so some other songs are…

Brand New….another jam and Please Don’t Stop. I bump this CD in my car a lot….its one of my favorites from 2008, still jamming in 09.

This is the Keyshia I liked…

but I love her new short black hair too….

since I’m on a Keyshia kick at the moment here’s a song from her last CD (Just Like You) that I absolutely loooove. Now this CD had to grow on me, it wasn’t an instant love like the first one or the latest one…but after revisiting it a few months after hearing it initially, I loved it.

but this song is the standout to me….. for some reason this reminds me of a MJB duet….from Breakthrough, Alone with Dave Young. not sure why…they don’t sound the same at all, maybe its the message that’s similar.

I can’t talk about Keysh without plugging my favoritest song by her…..first cd, first single. you already know… look at this live performance….she has changed SO MUCH!  I remember when she first came out thinking baby girl’s boobs are HUGE! sheesh, lol. she’s giving me super hood in this performance, but I love it anyway….she’s def more polished now.

One response to “In my earbuds….

  1. Streetz says:

    I dont think Dream uses autotune… i could be wrong though

    Love the list though!

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