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This is the last time….

on March 13, 2009

all caught up….and its time to put it down….you really got me trippin…hold up baby girl don’t talk, just listen….

man so I spent a week in Kansas City for work, good to be home. I was driving home from the airport and I forgot I had put the Trey Day CD in the player…well it was on this song. man this is easily my favorite song on the CD. its just the production. B Cox did that. I love this song….I love the video, I love Trey.  I mean…the song glorifies cheating…but my absolute favorite song by Trey Songz does as well. Its a little ditty from the first CD….

I already mentioned I love Trey, right?

so this song….is just so real though. I mean, you basically caught up in some ish….you love the one you with but…you want what you want. but like Trey said “can’t let no pussy come before my baby..” so he realizes he has to cut it off…sooooooo why  not beat those one last time? and this last time will be the best ever! that’s what he says anyway, lol. my thinking is if its the best ever, you not gonna want to let it go cuz like chris rock said “its all in  the comeback”. that’s how people get hooked on that narcotic….they get that good good and they come back over and over to recreate that initial high, but it never EVER feels as good as it did the very first time. so anyway Trey’s hollering about this is the last time.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

did you watch that video? they in the same damn hotel? man listen, it be some slow singing and flower bringing if I found out my man was breaking off the chick that works at the hotel?! wowzers. this negro told the side chick “don’t be trippin, just keep it pimpin” LMAO. basically why you acting out, play your postition shawty. say word!

but this is a great song…I mean not the message of course, but the actual music, the productions, his voice. I dig it.

so my favorite song is one that just flat out tells ya….I’m gonna cheat on you. at the time this song came out I was soooooo into it. anyway some lyrics

It’s 8:30
I know my baby kinda worried
I said I’d be there
Said I’d make it in a hurry
But I aint even on the way (I aint even on the way)
She thinking home is so perfect (perfect)
But I guess it’s ’cause her vision kinda blurry (Ohh)
She don’t relieze she do me so dirty (Ohh)
And she don’t recognize the things that she say

(Things you say) Can drive a man so crazy
(Make him wanna leave your ass) Got one foot outside the door
I can’t take it no more
Sometimes I wanna (walk away)
(And find another lady ?) I do
‘Cause all the things I been doing for you

I’m getting tired of the
Things you do
To make me wanna cheat on you
All I gone through
Make me wanna cheat on you (When you act a)
When you act a fool
You make me wanna cheat on you (And I know it aint cool)
And I know it aint cool
But I’m gonna cheat on youuuuuuuu

I  was taken back by how straight up he was about it…I mean how much more blunt can you be than to say “and I know it aint cool but I’m gonna cheat on you”

honestly I can say this: nobody can force you  to cheat, you make the conscious choice to cheat. for no other reason that because you can.  sure you may feel ol girl is a nag, isn’t giving you the poom on the regular, whatever your reason for being disgruntled is….or you may not be disgruntlted at all. its all about space and opportunity. either way its messed up. in this particular song Trey talks about how she drives him crazy and she doesn’t “recogonize the things that she say”. this hit home for me because I know I can have a smart mouth. another trey song says ‘shawty got a sharp tongue she spits blades out her mouth’. I swear that’s me.

I mean, I try really really hard (and sometimes succeed) to censor myself, but I think some straight up mean shit sometimes. I don’t always say it…and what’s sad is when I do say mean stuff nine times out of ten I was REALLY thinking something worse, but I try not to talk so greasy that would warrant a Chris brown beat down you feel me? LOL. plus I just feel bad afterwards. sometimes. regardless thats not grounds for cheating. not IMO.

so back to cheating…I think when you cheat it comes back on you… but I think karma manifests in many ways of things just not going right in your life when you think they should….just because it was your time to get dicked, basically. life’s a cycle. we all have our time….especially when you’ve done dirt. I don’t think any bad deed goes unpunished. I just don’t.  I love when Trey said “she did me so dirty”, reminded me of  high school. we used to call people “dirtball”. used like “man, he/she dirtball” which basically means they did you dirty, which was also said a lot in the 90s….

another fave Trey Songz joint….peep the Chris Brown cameo. and I see a couple folks I know from the 804 as well…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

this is a great song.  his first CD was sooo slept on. and it was a true banger….

oh and he supposedly has a new album entitled Ready coming this summer….can’t wait!

I’ll close this with Trey’s  ode to the badunk…..this song just sounds like something you’d smoke a J too…I mean, if you are into that kind of thing…..uhm this song has me feeling some kinda way right now. hmmmm.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“you better shake that thang if you got it….”

2 responses to “This is the last time….

  1. streetz says:

    Dope take on Trey Reecie! He makes cheating seem poetic. Crazy!

  2. Cryssy says:

    girl u already know how i feel about Tre… I slept on the first cd when it FIRST came out and then one day i just listened… He can do know wrong in my eyes.

    And that damn song is soooo real – I mean people get caught up EASY.. in it for a hit and wind up wanting (emotionally) two people.

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