The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

Queen B…Supreme b!t@h….

on March 17, 2009

so I don’t know if you know but Lil Kim is one of my favorite female rappers. well Kim of the 90s and early 2000s. she’s been on some hot remixes lately but its definitely not her best work. I was on one of the message boards I frequent and we were discussing remixes. I’ve had this discussion before on another board, which prompted me to make a remix playlist with over 70 songs. But tonight….someone posted this video.

this video? man listen! this was my sooooonnnnng!  did you see my girl jump out the cake?! LOL. I actually listed this song, but video brought back memories. so I decided to post on all my favorite remixes…featuring none other than the QUEEN BEE. she’s on dancing with the stars now looking crazy about the face…but yeah, this is the Kim I love. right here.

here are some more:

Quiet Storm remix….my girl set this video AND song off! one of her hardest verses. went at Charli B on this one….she had started altering her face but still had her BK swag….I still know all the words to this joint!!!!

No One Else remix…..good collabo, before her and Foxx Boog started beefing hard, LOL. “many people tell my style is terrific…stupendous, tremendous…” Kim was so cute in this video!!!!!

Last Night remix….I mean my girl Keysh? of course I love it…

and more recently Freaky Girl remix….of course I did her verse “I’m a freak so I don’t care…just don’t get none in my hair”. real talk, Kim.


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