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the music that keeps me going…

The other night…why?

on March 17, 2009

Me and Tony don’t speak no more
It’s almost been a week oh no
My how time goes so fast
But I still refuse to call his ass
I remember the way that I reacted
And today’s even more attractive
But I really miss Tony.
But then Tony called me one day
He said that he just called to say hey
And it wasn’t until he called me back
That I realized I needed more than that
I’m alot wiser and a little older
Hey baby it was nice to know ya
Good bye Tony.

Still he wasn’t just some regular guy
Tony’s actually the other night
Oh why

I could’ve been in love by now
If it wasn’t for Tony
I could’ve been in love by now
If it wasn’t for Tony…

I like this song. I Like the music but reading the words also makes me think of a simpler time. well actually not simple at all….going thru the motions of dating a guy, very complex stuff especially for a young twenty something girl that think she knows it all but doesn’t have a damn clue. trying to figure out what he’s thinking about me….should I call? should I give em some? LOL. all that bullshit.  but basically TONY is a mistake. when you do some crap and youre like why did I even DO THAT?! but hey, it was fun and seemed like a good time…

and in the video of course we realize she ends up pregnant. definitely not a page in my book, but it happens.

I don’t go with yesterday no more
Now I’m feeling free (I’m feeling free)
Today and tomorrow told me (what they said)
That’s where I should be (that’s where I should be)
That’s where I should be (so I’m moving)
I’m moving (so I’m moving on)
I’m going, Can’t wait forever (I’m moving on)
I’m going (so I’m moving on)
I’m leaving
I miss you baby

Still he wasn’t just some regular guy
Tony is actually the other night

If it wasn’t for Tony

Then you wise up and move on….only to meet the next Tony and it happens all over again! ahhh, that’s life.

random fact: I just read that dude that plays “TONY” in the video is rapper Kid Cudi….


2 responses to “The other night…why?

  1. Tunde says:

    i need to get that kid cudi mixtape. every site i go to it has been removed. o_O

  2. […] addition to recording…I guess. Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams was an unexpected banger. I’ve dedicated posts in the past to her, and I’d really like to see what she has next. I truly think Solange is only going to get […]

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