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Bend it like Beckham….

on March 19, 2009

so I’ve recently seen some still shots from the new Ciara video and can I just say…..WOW.

this girl has some grown woman gymnast moves I can’t even fathom. let me say that I’m quite grown myself…but I am not ready for what CiCi is bringing….she’s cleary a bad one. I like Ciara but I wouldn’t call myself a fan. she’s not super fly like J Lo or Rihanna–my two favorite artist that dress way better than they could ever sing. Ciara often gets it WAY WRONG….but something about her I dig anyway. It could just be her fierce moves. she dances her ass off! she’s hotter than Sasha Fierce…oh yes she is. Dance off I know Cici would win. I’d love to see a Chris Brown/Ciara battle though…that is if my boy can resurrect his career, right?

get em Cici!

Here’s a snippet of the video these stills are for…as well as one of my favorite Ciara bangers…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

people were quick to call her the Aaliyah clone, but she has a little something Aaliyah didn’t have….and Aaliyah had something that Ciara clearly doesn’t have either. I was big on the comparison when CiCi first came out but now I’m not so sure. I think she’s trying to steer into the pop lane….actually I think she’s already there. Aaliyah was not pop. no sah. She got some commercial to her with the movies but I still wouldn’t consider her music pop….I could be wrong though. I think Aaliyah actually had a more cool laid back sexiness to her while Ciara is definitely out to give you a lot more. could just be a generational thing though. young girls weren’t so POW!  out there in the 90’s…unless you were like Lil Kim, and lets face it, Kim was a grown woman when she came out…..Singers kinda squeaky clean like Brandy, Monica, and Aaliyah no longer exist. Well maybe they do in KeKe Palmer and that girl Tiffany….but I that are actually making good music, lol. Here’s another Ciara banger….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

and while a video was never made for this song…this is my favorite from the cd The Evolution.  I’m Just Me. I love this song. I actually really liked that CD.

One response to “Bend it like Beckham….

  1. streetz says:

    I ❤ Cici, and I think ur spot-on with your assessment homie!

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