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Feels So Good…..

on April 14, 2009

Ladies, who often do you have,
A man that makes you wanna cry,
A man that makes you wanna laugh.
Sisters, well I think I’ve found the one,
He does everything I like,
And knows how to get the job done.
He makes me…

Clap my hands, stomp my feet,
Every little thing that you do to me,
Feels so good, feels so good.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What do you know about that Xscape?! This was my favorite song on Off The Hook. Man this CD was my jam! had tons of bangers on it. I was really into Xscape back in the 90’s. I loved their first CD too, of course Just Kickin It, Understanding, Living in Vain, Love on My Mind, Tonight…..but the second CD was a bit more sexy. hmmmm.  Its so hard to believe that this song in particular is 15 years old!!! and peep JD in the video….he looks so much better now. I’ve always like JD. He seems like a cool dude.

anyway back to my girls. This song popped up on the iPod at work today so I thought I’d speak on them. I’ve already posted on my ultimate favorite 90s girl group, but Xscape is another favorite. Speaking of girl groups I think I’m a little excited to hear EnVogue is getting back together as well. Man girl groups ruled the scene in the 90’s! I miss that time….

some other favorites from Off The Hook….

Do You Want To

Who Can I Run To? (I used to play this one over and over!)

Work Me Slow

peep my jam from the third CD at the end…..

8 responses to “Feels So Good…..

  1. Streetz says:

    i luv xscape..they were dope!

  2. Jubilance says:

    That Xscape CD was the very first CD I ever bought, and I played it out till it started skipped. Ahh, the memories…

  3. NinaMM says:

    “Off the Hook” was my famous Xscape album, and “Love is A Funny Thing” was my favorite JAM!

  4. […] speaking on Tiny on her show, and just recently Kandi on Real Housewives of ATL. I’ve already told yall how I feel about Xscape. they are up there with my fave girl group […]

  5. Cryssy says:

    Work Me Slow…:honee that song right there!

    Good post there music is still some of the best girl group music around.

  6. […] is my favorite TLC project. I have written a few other blog posts about girl groups here, and here and here, but I don’t think I ever mentioned how much of a TLC fan I was. As a little girl I […]

  7. anson1 says:

    I could go on forever talking about Xscape. It seems like everyone forgot “Hard to say Goodbye”, though. That & the three you posted are my favorites.

  8. […] the original. Xscape was discovered by JD and were one of my favorite girl groups in the 90s, that I featured in a post before. They had a good run with 3 studio albums; all of them went […]

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