The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

Don’t front… you know my style….

on April 18, 2009

50 cent back on that gangsta shit
On my way ot to flip them bricks
In that big body benz you know its a 6
Got your bitch on my dick i stack them chips
And a flashy as a fuck my jewels is sick
From a block away you can see the kid
Dont front mothafucka you know my style……

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is my song!

Shorty so seductive dancin on me
Its the way that she move that makin me horny
If i wake up next to her in the morning
Im a turn over and tell her lets do it again….

I am not a fan of Yayo, or 50 for that matter, but when this song comes on? I gotta shake it!

there aren’t many NYC  rap songs that really make you want to dance. well, being that I live down south its not often that I hear a “go hard” banger in the club anymore. All the songs out now want you to bust out a routine, not too much mean muggin music out these days, lol. and if it is, I’m not hearing it down here. now back home? I was good for some Jay, some Beanie (you might want to click that link), shoot even some 50. My favorite song by 50 was guaranteed to get it poppin. and no, you don’t dance to these songs… just post up and bop a lil bit, swaying your arms kicking lyrics. that’s what I would do, just like the dudes, LOL.

but this So Seductive was…..just that. I actually can’t stand 50’s ass, but he has had some bangers and its clear that his input on this Yayo song set it off. the only person I ever really liked from G Unit was Young Buck, the one from the south go figure……Shorty Wanna Ride was my other “get it poppin on the dancefloor” song.

you don’t really hear songs like this in the club anymore, not from east coast artists. I was in the A last weekend and partied hard, danced all night, but all these choreographed dances? I REFUSE to do the Stanky Leg. REFUSE.  I did “hop up out the beeeeeed, get my swag on, take a look at the mirror say whassup…ehhh I’m getting money” this morning.  Seriously. I woke up with that song in my head. I’m so ashamed. everyone that knows me knows I hate that lil boy….

Now there are some “hard” songs they play out there by TI, Jeezy, Shawty Lo and the likes, but not east coast artists. in Atlanta they may go thru an east coast set playing some Biggie and Jay, but you don’t hardly EVER get that in Florida. and I miss it. oh well, that’s why I always party when I go out of town, lol.

for R&B to be my favorite music genre I write about rap a lot. not sure why. I guess I’m in a mood. most of the time when I’m inspired to write its because of a hype song. there aren’t too many R&B songs that get me hype. there are a few that get me uhm, something else.  LOL

“stop, slow down baby”

Christina Aguilera did sample this joint and it was a banger. Never heard it, here ya go:

*going back to doing some crazy shoulder shake to this hype So Seductive beat*


2 responses to “Don’t front… you know my style….

  1. Streetz says:

    Dont forget the obligatory “you cant see me” hand shake in front of the face when this track drops!

    My East coast Assassin strikes again!

  2. Skeezy says:

    Ahhhh… “Shawty Wanna Ride” still goes for me. I can’t hang with 50 like that, though. LOL. It sounds like he’s got lockjaw, but he’s still tryin’ to rhyme anyway.

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