The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…


on April 22, 2009

You never miss a good thing till it leaves ya
Finally I realize that I need ya
I want ya back
Baby girl I need ya back
Gotta have ya back, babe
Heartbroken when you left my world
Man I wish I woulda kept my girl
I love you
I don’t know what I’m gon do wit out my baby

This is my favorite song on Confessions….it is sooooo true. Even when it doesn’t apply to my life, it applies to my life.

you ever hear a song and even though you don’t feel this way, you kinda feel like this is how someone should feel about you? LOL. well that’s how I felt when Throwback came out. and I know at the time someone did feel that way about me….not bragging, just saying.

hmmmm, you gonna want me back, you’re gonna need me….

because it always come to this point. you don’t realize it at the time because you are heartbroken…but if you are a good one, they always want you back.

It’s driving me crazy
‘Cause I’m missing my baby
I’m goin’ outta my mind and I’m runnin’ outta time
I just wish I could find you girl
So I’m about to go crazy
‘Cause I been needin’ you lately
I’m goin’ outta my head and all the things that I said
I wish that I never said them now

hmm your gonna want me back
It’s the last words she said to me
Now I’m wishing she was still here with me
(Your gonna need me, need me one day)
And that day’s here
(hmm your gonna want me back)
And ya man gotta shed tears
I’m sittin’ by the phone
Realizing she ain’t ever coming home…

Never ever coming home. should’ve realized what you had when you had it.  I’m done with throwbacks in my life.

damn I love this song though!


6 responses to “Throwback….

  1. Jubilance says:

    I love that song too.

    Me and my boo TShells would always play this song when we were together cause we both loved it so much.

  2. Tunde says:

    yea you’re right. they always want you back (eventually).

  3. Streetz says:

    U know why I love this song and album, lololol. He spoke the truth! This is my joint too. I like Bad girl too though.



    yall women get hyped in the club, and in turn, so do I 😀 lol

  4. reeciecup says:

    Oh Bad Girl is my theme song! Clearly thats my second fave! that’s one of my “go crazy” in the club songs 😉

  5. […] it was played out sooooo much. click here if you are curious, but it features two favorites “Throwback” and “Bad Girl”. the former I wrote a post on awhile ago–good post btw; and […]

  6. […] again because its sentimental.  Confessions was when he peaked musically, with breakup songs (Throwback being a favorite), sexy songs (Can U Handle It, That’s What It’s Made For),  fun songs […]

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