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Slept On…

on April 29, 2009

Lloyd is totally slept on in my opinion.

I mean if Chris Brown can blow up, Trey Songz is finally coming into his, you got The Dream who has been successful…I mean even wack ass Bobby V is trying to make a come back….what about my dude Lloyd? Street Love was my shit! the last CD was good too. I was just talking to my babe about how he only released one single  “Girls All around the World”. what was that about?! his promotion sucks! This song went hard though!

“thinking of a master plan, na I’m lying…shawty on my mind”

I love the Lloyd/Weezy collabos. I really do…..

but he still has a fan in me!

some of my fave Lloyd bangers…..

You, the original and the remix. The remix is when I feel in love with Andre 3 stacks again…*sigh* I’m still missing me some him!

Get it Shawty! I have danced my ass off to this song…..I can’t even front on it….

One for Me – that moments in love beat is official. if you don’t know what that is shame on you…..

Year of the Lover

Have My baby

Hazel – I swear I didn’t know this song was about weed until maybe a year after I first heard it. I know, I’m slippin…

Player’s Prayer -this joint be having me singing hard like I’m a player. LOL “girl I’m on my kneeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!”

Lloyd, I don’t know what kinda box they have you in….maybe its because you are still signed to Murder Inc? I can’t call it. you might be in the same box that Diddy has Cheri Dennis hidden in….but na at least your stuff got played on 106……

7 responses to “Slept On…

  1. Tunde says:

    Man you’re right. Lloyd really is slept on. He’s nice (no homo). Two of my favorite cuts off his last album are ‘I Can Change Your Life’ and ‘Party All Over Your Body’. He really needs to get new management.

    Dude still looks like a vampire to me. lol.

  2. Streetz says:

    you might be in the same box that Diddy has Cheri Dennis hidden in….but na at least your stuff got played on 106……


    Git ti shawty was that joint!

  3. reeciecup says:

    Lloyd looks like the count from Sesame Street. LOL

  4. J Money says:

    Yeah, I liked that record…and that Valentines joint..

  5. Skeezy says:

    Lloyd is way slept on. I just don’t like him over Trey Songz. Really, I was diggin’ Trey over Chris Brown when they first came out… looking exactly alike and junk.

    I still feel some kinda way about ol’ dude just co-opting “Moments In Love” like that, lol.

  6. […] been on a Lloyd kick lately–he’s one of my guilty pleasures. I posted last year about how I feel he’s totally slept on, and Street Love was seriously one of my favorite CDs to come out in 07. this song, the return of 3 […]

  7. […] Year of the Lover was no slump either. I wrote a post awhile back on how consider my boy to be seriously slept on. I didn’t check for Lloyd’s first CD but Street Love is what made me a fan. He is as I […]

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