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I ain’t trying to be rude….

on May 1, 2009

But you’re the third guy tonight that’s came to me like this.
You see I’m tryna be cool, but these dudes keep grabbing me,
They keep on grabbing me.
I’m ain’t tryna be conceited,
See I appreciate the compliments you’re giving to me.
And any other night it’ll be alright,
But now theres way too much going on.

I‘ma Sleep on it, sleep on it
And I’ll get back at ya when I wanna
Sleep on it, sleep on it
You can keep popping off if ya wanna

This is my favorite Danity Kane song. I can listen to it over and over. I actually remember the episode when the dude was teaching them this song. Dawn was messing up too. Damn I’m a MTB fiend. I used to love it back in the day. I actually loved DK too. I was a big fan first CD not enough to buy it though. I supported Da Band when that CD came out and really liked them too. I just didn’t want to jinx my pockets again….and here we go, DK is no more. But seriously  the first DK was a banger. some good pop music! LOL. This picture is clearly taken when Aubrey was still pretty. Damn shame what they did to that dog….

This song is it though….I can just see the video treatment in my mind! girls looking SO GLAM, posted at the bar….and then here HE comes. the dude that tries to talk a hole in your head……trying to holler and you can’t even hear his ass cuz its SO LOUD in the club. but he insists on steady talking and you are like “im bit mo tired of saying huh to this loser.  doesn’t this fool know I can’t HEAR him?!”

that’s so annoying. like get out my FACE! ugh.

but in this song, Aundrea sets it off…..

I might like to get to know you
But I can’t hear you right now,
You’re competing with the music
But the music’s way too loud

I remember the coach kept going over this part to show them how to sing the song on that one episode!

then here comes Aubrey (who was my FAVORITE back then, well she and Aundrea)

Why don’t you write down your number and slip it to me?
But you gotta maneuver discreetly,
I don’t want my business leaking people like run their mouth….

I love the way Aubrey says business leaking, LOL.

then Wanita (D Woods) comes with the hook….

I don’t need no pressure from you
(I don’t need pressure, no pressure, no)
Don’t need no lectures from you.
So just give me one night and I’ma (sleep on it)

Dawn sings the rest (including the part I started my post with), well Shannon is in there a lil bit too with the rest–she actually says one of my favorite lines “we like to throw our open toes on and get jazzy”, but Dawn does the bridge and finishes the song. I think I fell in love with Dawn (pause) on this song….she became my homegirl then. and of course watching the show, I just liked her personality and style. I like her voice cuz it really doesn’t sound like anything else I ever heard. its kinda husky, but not in a Toni Braxton way (which isn’t bad, its just different). I loved Wanita and Aundrea’s voices the best initially from watching the show. Aundrea just never really lived up to her potential. I thought she was the cutest and with a good voice, she had the potential to be the “Beyonce”. negative. Aubrey def had the attention seeking personality and Wanita maybe the sex appeal.  I’m not gay, but D Woods has the best body hands down. Ugh I hate what she does to herself cuz she’s cute! No style whatsoever. Dawn’s got all the style. I can see why she’s Diddy’s favorite.  Shannon couldve just stayed home, I mean 2 white girls is plenty. LOL. Doesn’t matter now cuz Diddy did that poison thing he does….and they are no more.

such a shame cuz I really liked them. The second CD was coo, but the first one was the standout. To me anyway. peep my second favorite, co written by MISS KERI BABY!!! beat by Timbaland…

they had some really good production…

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  1. Skeezy says:

    Danity Kane. 😐

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