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you won’t be around next year…

on May 12, 2009

funny thing today is that while working out–I fell off the gym grind, well actually decided to switch things up–I heard a song on one of my many playlists that features a bunch of folks that kinda just fell….off.

check the video:Vodpod videos no longer available.

first off, I know Shanti’s been around, but musically? she hasn’t made a “hit” in years. maybe now that Irv has “dropped” her, she can.  And Paul Wall? I heard he’s back…but come on, its not like his music is popping like the old days of Grillz…and Meth? man o man. I love Meth, but his solo projects haven’t been that hot lately. I was told that he and Redman were getting back to do another blackout, so maybe that will be hot….I don’t know.

“Meth darlin’, I’m like that Hershey with the almonds, and i don’t pay for nothin’, but your pardon.”

I thought this was a good song and a good video, and wanted to share.


2 responses to “you won’t be around next year…

  1. Tunde says:

    i remember this song. it banged when it came out. oh well. i don’t like any of them anyway (well meth is alright). i hope they all stay where they are.

  2. J Money says:

    I really thought that “Good Good” record was gonna be bigger than it was.

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