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the music that keeps me going…


on June 3, 2009

You’re my sunshine (you’re my sunshine),
You’re my moonlight (you’re my moonlight),
You’re the starry skies above me won’t you please come down and hug me…

its been soooo hot lately. I always say I hate summer, because I hate sweating, but I loooove the way the sun feels on my skin. I also love a nice breeze, something you don’t really get in summer unless you are on a beach. I need to go to the beach! lay down and feel the sand between my toes. yes, that’s what Reecie is missing in her life. lucky me I live in Florida–one of the perks so I need to just take the time to go do that. Even when I lived in VA I went to the beach at least once a year. me and my fave LS who lives at the beach would be the only people of our friends still hyped to get in VA beach’s atlantic ocean! The beach is never played out to me!

Uh, Fresh to def she is
From her steps to the set she is
So “death” might not let me live
Ya dig

Sunshine is one of my favorite songs from Lupe’s first CD, and from him in general. I looooved this song when I first heard it, this and my ultimate fave Hurt Me Soul. What is Lupe up to? I think a lot of the new artist out getting buzz are pretty much doing what Lupe’s been doing. I heard he was retiring a few times, so maybe he’s over being the quirky skateboarding rapper dude.

I compliment her on the common sense
I’m calm
A lil more confident (Uh Huh)
And then we lose consciousness
She says “that I’ve been waiting for you”
And I know you’ve been chasing me too since they kidnapped me from a castle
I been thinking of you…

funny how my last blog post was about Spaceship and the very next day snippets of the video are released–I mean how old is that song?! anyway the entire vid is out now. check it out:

One response to “sunshine

  1. Nelia says:

    Just read your About page and love the concept of this blog. Good stuff.

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