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I do…

on July 5, 2009

yesterday I went to a wedding! a great wedding and I surprisingly didn’t cry! and I’m a crier. It was very sentimental, and I got a tad misty, but no full tears. It was great to see my sawrahs and friends from college, and of course the weekend was way too short–even with being off since thursday and tomorrow as well–even though I will be spending my day in airports. oh, I also joined twitter last week. I know I have been anti for a looooong time and I’m not even sure how long I’ll keep up with it, if I will, but I’m there. *smile* I’m so not interesting, I don’t get what RT means, or what moonfruit is (wtf?) but I did discover from ?uestlove that there is some app or something were you can type longer than the typical character space, so it can be kinda blog-ish and not so confusing after all–oh but I’m still VERY lost and confused… I still think most people are  self important attention whores,  and this is amother venue for them to express that.  lol. oh and I haven’t witnessed the stalkerish side yet, but I’m sure I will. too bad I joined right after the meltdown of that boy rapper who shall not be named on twitter. but of course I read about it on all the blogs to be properly in the know  😐

anyways, we’ll see how it works for me.  follow me if you want: @reeciecups

so anyway back to the wedding…I was thinking of all the songs out there that people like to use as their wedding  song to enter, or to dance to. its so many, like Luther Vandross is the KING of black folks wedding songs.

The wedding I attended the processional ( I think that’s what it’s called) was Ribbon in the Sky instrumental. Very nice. The had several soloists as well and of course one did the Lord’s Prayer. I loooove to hear that sung. it was good too. There was also a soloist that sung The Sweetest Love by my boopiece Robin Thicke. ya’ll already know I loooove him and seriously we (well maybe just I, lol) forgot it was a wedding the way that man was sangin! he tore it down! threw his head back and had himself a good ole time.

another typical wedding song is Kenny Lattimore’s “For You”.

for the bride/father dance, I’ve heard Lutha’s Dance with my Father more times than I care to remember…..

and no wedding reception is complete without our share of line dance songs such as cha cha slide, cupid shuffle and electric slide. I mean this is what we do!

since we are all still mourning MJ, a ” dont’ stop til you get enough” “billie jean” and “wanna be startin something” were played and jammed to hard!

I really look forward to getting married for the music. y’all know if you know me and are invited—we finna throw down! I think I’ma need a whole new “outfit” to dance like I want to… a wedding dress just will NOT do! I already have an idea for the first dance song, the processional music, and I know if my stepdad is there, forget Lutha or some slow ish….we are dancing to some PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC, ya dig!!!!

of course lots of couples have done the humorous routines, this is one of the firsts, and its still funny and cute to me.

what are some of your fave wedding songs?  could be for the actual ceremony, or the reception dances. what would you/did you use?

One response to “I do…

  1. Tunde says:

    i tagged you. check it out.

    oh yeah. can you believe i’ve only been to two weddings in my life? crazy right?

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