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I’ve been tagged…

on July 7, 2009

uh oh, why did they do this to me? LOL. Tagged by Milan Rouge and Like A Dream…..


ok ten random things about me….


1. I love music–duh, but I could probably answer questions all day long with lyrics if I tried.

2. I’m spoiled–when I went home and mommy ironed my clothes for me. I didn’t even ask her too! she knows me well so she knows I suck at it, though. I’m always receiving little gifts and tokens of love in the mail. I know living far away from home, that I’m extremely missed. I don’t really get a lot of material or monetary gifts anymore from my parents, but they look out for me in tons of other ways.

3. I’m in a happy place in my life. I used to be a big time complainer, but I recently have been rejuvenated in TRULY understanding the goodness of the Lord. “too blessed to be stressed” is REAL!

4. I love shoes. I would make an photo album of all my shoes–I must admit I think my shoe game is pretty fierce, but I’m trying to be less cocky about my possessions. LMAO.

5. I only have one dimple. left cheek. my mom only has one in the same place.

6. I love to eat, like really. good food that is.  in order: food, sex, music. seriously.

7. I sometimes wished that I wasn’t an only child, but seriously I don’t know how I wouldve turned out if I wasn’t so spoiled and “special”. I like me. LOL. I wouldve had to be the baby cuz I hear middle children are weird. LOL

8. I’m extremely impatient. I’m still praying about this, but I want what I want when I want it! (but I’m not a brat, I promise. *smile*

9. I’m private for the most part–I share what I want to share about myself with people. I talk a lot but TRUST me I can and will be taking some shit to the grave–I haven’t murdered anyone or anything bad. its just not necessary to share everything. I believe in keeping some of you to you. Technology allows us to share TOO much sometimes. keep your own life in perspective.

10. My short term memory sucks! I have my theories on why, but they aren’t for public consumption, LMAO.


I’m not good about tagging a lot of folks, so just my Soror Ms. Minx,  you’re up next!


2 responses to “I’ve been tagged…

  1. Lamide says:

    P.S: I’m a middle child, and I’m not weird *side eye* LOL

  2. su says:

    Nice blog. Enjoyed going through it. Keep it up the good work.

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