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I’d be serving time…

on July 9, 2009

in prison in my own mind
If it wasn’t for you
I’d be out in these street tryna find a way to make ends meet
If it wasn’t for you
I gotta thank you
If it wasn’t for you

so I’ve been playing this song over and over just about once a day or so for about two weeks. I LOOOOOVE this song. I still haven’t really got into the second day26 CD yet but the first one?? this was my jam. I happened to play it in the car on long drive home, looking for something I hadn’t heard in awhile. been playing it ever since.  (click the pic for the song)

Not sure who produced this one, but I like the band instrumentation…..

Willie starts the song and I like  him, Then Brian does the hook and chorus, but my boo? none other than the king of bitchassness Que. he SANG that shit the outta the chorus the second time I’m sorry. he said IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII wanna thank ya and put some “stank” on it. you know for a lil dude. LMAO I. I can’t explain it, but I love it. I’ve listened to the song four times since typing this post.

And Robert? I loooooves me some Robert’s voice. they all some crybaby dudes–as portrayed on tv, but I do like them as a group. I really do.  I think I recognized Mike’s voice too towards the end. I think all of them sing on this song……

When it rains, it pours, but life’s a choice
And I just can’t take no more
When everywhere’s a closing door
You’re the one I’m looking for….

whew! they sang this song! I Love it!

One response to “I’d be serving time…

  1. Jubilance says:

    Thats a great song.

    I have yet to listen to the 2nd Day 26 album, but the first is still in rotation on my iPod.

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