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Who ya wit?

on July 31, 2009

so because of the reality tv lately we’ve seen a couple people from one of my fave group reemerge for some good ol tomfoolery and shenanigans. I’m speaking on Tiny on her show, and just recently Kandi on Real Housewives of ATL. I’ve already told yall how I feel about Xscape. they are up there with my fave girl group Total.

but I got to thinking about groups in general. can anyone name a group that actually maintained that group dynamic over the course of their career? I mean even back in the day Jody was in Shalamar, Babyface was in The Deele. Of course you have the family groups like The Jacksons, Debarge etc where few branched off into something solo successfully. I thought maybe SWV was one of the few to stay a group but then remembered but even Coko went solo!

En Vogue–THE premier girl group (in my opinion) even broke up with Terry Ellis having a solo cd (which I still listen to btw) and Dawn bouncing around doing…something. Her participation and contribution in the great Lucy Pearl shall not go unmentioned.

In my generation you can say the group breakups that catapulted the greatest successes had to be N’Sync and Destiny’s Child. of course JT was the standout, but I happened to be a fan of JC too. Of course we know what Queen Bey has become, but I was always a Letoya and Kelly fan–I had to have love for the slim chicks doing their thing! LOL.

why can’t groups stay together?

is it inevitable that someone has to break out? can’t you be happy spliting your skrilla 3/4/5 ways?

even with rappers you usually have a group that still maintains solo projects ie : Wu Tang, Hot Boys (ended on bad terms, even Manny and Baby fell out), LOX, Dipset(well all know how this ended), etc. I loved the Junior Mafia first cd but clearly the only standout that could carry solo into success was Lil Kim. and remember Mase’s failed group Harlem World? why they even do that? I think I used to like Cardan though….hmmm. not much material to remember.

who’ s the new hot rap group now, Slaughterhouse? I can admit I havent’ heard their material. I’ve heard solo stuff from all, but together? I’m still kinda sleeping on them. I’ll wake up when I’m ready I guess. I’m kinda cool on Budden though.

 so what groups are still really doing it? I’ve just thought of one! THE ROOTS! but do they even really count since they are a BAND?! no, for arguements sake today, they don’t. they all have a unique talent that brings them together–and keeps them together. but as far as rappas and sangas—who is still doing it? who ya wit–your crew or just your damn self?

inquiring minds…

just for some random listening pleasure, not related to the topic, but rather the title (I never cease to have a Hov moment–so let me indulge):

happy friday!

2 responses to “Who ya wit?

  1. See I thought I was the only one on this planet that still listens to Terry Ellis’ solo album. LOL! “Where Ever You Are” is still my jam. Good post!

  2. […] my favorite TLC project. I have written a few other blog posts about girl groups here, and here and here, but I don’t think I ever mentioned how much of a TLC fan I was. As a little girl I was in a […]

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