The Soundtrack of My Life

the music that keeps me going…

you can get the finger….

on August 6, 2009

(what finger?) the middle.

oh that line isn’t one of major emphasis in the song, but of course it stood out to me today. I’m going beyond side eyes, I’m giving folks the virtual finger. the finger. I give folks the finger ALL THE TIME while driving. it brings me such pleasure. LOL. I will fix the stankest look on my face, screw my mouth up…and just flick em off  SO QUICK! success!

I’m pretty sure the person never even sees it–as I’ve never been confronted with my road rage….but it makes me feel good inside knowing I’ve done it nonetheless.

so I’m in the mood to hand out some middle fingers whether certain people ever see them or not. here are some eff you songs that are the soundtrack while said flicking off occurs…

“stop acting like a….” this was a classic at the parties in undergrad….just my overall feeling crunk song. when I wish I could just act a fool like it was acceptable in youth….

“so what is it you want from a n!gga? what yoooooou want? really waaaant?” I could sing this one all day at work, LOL

and for just everything else…I can’t even explain, nor will I try….

Come on now, who do you, who do you, who do you, who do you think you are,
Ha ha ha bless your soul
You really think you’re in control

Well, I think you’re crazy

I think you’re crazy
I think you’re crazy
Just like meeeeeeeeee

Gnarls Barkley on repeat….flicking folks off all day! the middle finger never hurt nobody….

love the hell outta this song.  does  that make me crazy? probably…..


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