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We’re Gonna Party Like Its…

on August 18, 2009


*does the Ron Browz pop champagne dance*

ok, so my high school reunion is coming up! Class of 99! I graduated June 8, 1999,  I believe at 7pm. I started my college career on June 20th, less than two weeks later in a summer honors program. I met people that I’m still friends with to this day and  the experience truly enriched my life.

This post is about the entire year of 1999…..the music that is! It was still in the somewhat “hot” hip hop era….lots of folks argue that 96-98 were the best years, and of course I was in high school during those times but…99 was the end of an era, the new millenium was approaching and I was about to embark on a new journey in life.

I don’t even know if I have a lot of songs from 1999 on my ipod but lets see:

one of my favorite cd’s came out in 99 Ruff Ryders Ryde or Die Vol. 1. people that talk to me about music on a regular basis know that I often refer to this CD. I am a HUGE DMX fan and this was a time when he was still hot and not yet crazy. Love Eve and the LOX too….I mean its a no brainer. Even one of my favorite Jay Z songs is on this soundtrack. (shout to my neos from BS Lights Out!)

Down Bottom -Drag -On ft. Juvenile

also, this was the year I got introduced to Juve’s solo project, my favorite Cash Money album to THIS DAY (y’all know I don’t really do new Weezy like that!) 400 DEGREEZ (I KNOW THIS WAS RELEASED IN 98). On our senior trip we went to Disney and met a ton of folks from FL, GA, AL and they played all Cash Money Millionaires at the “party”. Found out my boy Skip had this CD with him and we listened on the bus. got to college and Back Dat Azz Up was bumped in every single car that cruised down University Ave that summer, no lie. That song 10+ years later still gets the party hype in ways many other songs can’t….and everytime I’m around my chapter sorors and the beat drops, we MUST do one party walk in particular. I’m old and sometimes I get to wheezing, but I gotta give that ol college try. LOL

to go back to my Double R fam, 99 Eve released her debut: Ruff Ryder’s First Lady.

Ain’t Got No Dough -Eve ft. Missy. This song didn’t get a lot of buzz, but I like Eve and I like Missy.

Other 99 songs that remind me of HS and early college:

I’m Good At Being Bad -TLC (this one is dedicated to my girl B! can’t wait to see you)

It’s Mine -Mobb Deep ft. Nas (this one is dedicated to my homie Spriggs)

Jumpin Jumpin -Destiny’s Child, the last good DC album. yeah I’m only a fan of OG DC. I got excited when this song was featured on ABDC on Sunday, but disappointed in the use of the song. This was one of my favorite songs to play getting ready to go out with my girls.

You Won’t See Me Tonight -Nas ft. Aaliyah. This CD doesn’t really get a lot of love when you think of Nas, but I really messed with I Am. of course I liked this song, RIP, Baby Girl.

my list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning MJB. Yall know I stan for her like nobody’s business.  The Mary CD, which was released in 99, had a lot of sad depressing songs on it, and I think I’ve spoke on those before so I’ll feature one of my favorites from there that isn’t so cry your face off, simply titled Sexy (nod to MJ on this one).

so there’s my little reminiscing moment. I’m sure I’ll have stories from this weekend, but they won’t be shared here. LOL

anymore 1999 songs I’m missing?


3 responses to “We’re Gonna Party Like Its…

  1. Crooky says:

    OK…so NOW I need to go and find my Ruff Ryders Vol. 1 CD…b/c it was DEFINITELY the jam!!

    The “Mary” CD was a good one. I loved “Beautiful One” (and I was actually rocking it the other day).

    Now as for some other hot tracks of ’99:

    *No Scrubs – TLC
    *Faded Pictures – Case feat. Joe
    *All Night Long – Faith Evans feat. Puffy
    *Hot Boyz – Missy Elliott feat. Eve, Nas, Lil Mo and Q-Tip
    *You Know What’s Up – Donell Jones

  2. Brandy says:

    hahahahahha!!! that song reminds u of me!?!? lol i totally forgot about that song!

    AN I LOVED I AM too!!

    we’re gonna have soo much fun this weekend chile! lol
    love u much!

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