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Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me…

on September 15, 2009


There aren’t many that can do it like Mariah…old Mariah that is.


So yesterday I was discussing this new Amerie &  Trey Songz song “Pretty Brown Eyes“. prior to hearing it I thought, “oh no…you are a fool for trying to remake a Mint Condition classic”. I like both artists(love them even) but some things shouldn’t be touched. This song actually has different lyrics and is not a remake…so I won’t talk too much about it, but of course it isn’t HALF as good as the original song with the same title.

But it made me think about some of my FAVORITE remakes. Some I may even like better than the original (but not many). Now my last post about D’Angelo & Lauryn Hill featured two that would be on this list, “Cruisin'” and “Killing Me Softly”, but here are a few others.

Without You -Mariah Carey: this is my favorite song by her. Just so happens its also a remake.

A Dream -Mary J. Blige. I just finished listening to the original (DeBarge) and I must say, I do enjoy Mary’s version more. This was on the Money Talks soundtrack. Back in the day I used to be in Columbia House and BMG so I had all kinds of movie soundtracks just for the hell of it…

Natural Woman -MJB. now this is NOT better than the original, but it is one of my favorites, from the New York Undercover TV Show Soundtrack

Love Don’t Live Here Anymore -Faith Evans & MJB: if you read Faith’s memoir you know there was drama with this song, and it was rereleased with just Faith’s vocals. I can’t even seem to find the duet version online but trust me, the duet is MUCH better.

I’m Going Down- MJB again. She’s done a lot of remakes I know, but I had to go on ahead and get my girl out of the way. LOL

Ain’t No Sunshine -Emily King: I really dig this girl. If you haven’t heard of her, consider  yourself comatose sleeping. The linked version is a live one… but the song is on her CD East Side Story

Let’s Straighten it Out -Monica & Usher: this was on Monica’s first CD…and it was one of the underrated tracks. Many thought they didn’t do this Latimore jam any justice, but I disagree. Think about how young both of them were singing this song. like 14 years old…having more soul than some grown folks. Of course they did another duet on Usher’s second cd that also got so-so reviews, “Slow Jam”.

Bohemian Rhapsody-The Braids: now I have no clue where they are, barely knew WHO they are…but this song was on the High School High Soundtrack and I would play it over and over. I love this! Glad I was able to find it on youtube…and a video too that I’ve never seen.

Everything I do (I do it for you) -Brandy: I love Bryan Adams version, but I’m glad Brandy had the guts to sing this wonderful song.

My Funny Valentine- Chaka Khan. yall already know, Waiting to Exhale Sountrack. seems like lots of remake are on soundtracks…interesting pattern.

Reasons -Musiq: this is on the Interpretations Tribute to EWF joint. Love Musiq on this! First off let me say this is MY FAVORITE EWF song, so of course its not better than the original, but its still damn good.

Keep Forgettin’ -Dave Hollister: from his debut solo release, Ghetto Hymns. now this doesn’t top the original–from the blue eyed soul man himself Michael McDonald…but do like it. If you aren’t familiar with the original, I know you will recognize the beat from the Warren G/Nate Dogg “Regulators” sample….

I Will Always Love You-Whitney Houston: I mean how can you NOT love this? The Bodyguard Soundtrack. After watching the Whitney interview its strange knowing she was going thru so much during this time…this song is one of those that brings me to tears…

Feel the Fire -Teddy Pendergrass & Stephanie Mills. This is probably MY FAVORITE OF THEM ALL. Peabo Bryson sang it before them, but a duet sets the song off. “Teddy, Teddy, Teddy…dont you dare!”…whew! I want to feel the fire!


so tell me, what are some of your favorite remakes? I’m sooooo on my R&B ish today!!!!

7 responses to “Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me…

  1. Tunde says:

    even though its an interlude on her cd. alicia keys remake of brian mcknight’s ‘never felt this way’. she should have done the entire song. oh well. its still a great song either way.

  2. Melody says:

    Good post! I didn’t realize how many remakes MJB has done. She definitely killed “A Dream.” And her and Faith’s version of “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” blows the original out of the water!

    Now, I’m a die-hard Stevie Wonder fan but I have to say that Intro’s version of “Ribbon in the Sky” is my favorite remake of all time and I actually like it better than the original.

  3. Crooky says:

    Oh yes!!! Dave Hollister’s “Keep Forgetting” is the BOMB!! I need to find that and add it to my iPod.

    I still don’t know if I’m feeling Mariah’s remake of “I Wanna Know What Love Is”. The original sounds so much better…there’s something about the lead vocals of the guy from Foreigner that really SELLS the song to me.

    I would KILL to hear the “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” duet. My CD got jacked some years ago.

    Chaka Khan KILLED “My Funny Valentine”….you know what…I need to go ahead and add that soundtrack to my Pod too!

    Good post Reecie!

  4. D. Mitch says:

    I’m back home Reecelings! Aight…lemme hit this up.

    1. Donell Jones – Knocks Me Off My Feet. I’m sorry, I love Stevie Wonder….Lord knows I do. But Donell KILT THIS ONE DEAD. I mean, Donell was sangin this one like he wrote it while he was goin through a serious somethin at the time. I think it’s much better than the Stevie version. Others tried and couldn’t even come close to it.

    2. Intro – Ribbon in the Sky. Another great Stevie classic done MUCH justice. I can sit and listen to this many times on end.

    3. Destiny’s Child – Emotion. I like the way they remade the old Bee Gees classic…even with Beyonce’ hittin the high note at the end.

    4. MJB – A Dream. They don’t call her the Queen of Remake for nothin!

    5. BIIMen – Can You Stand the Rain. I know it ain’t nowhere near as good as the original, but I still like it nonetheless.

    6. BIIMen – Yesterday. Love this remake. I’ma have to find that CD and bump it out real quick.

  5. Cryssy says:

    This is a great entry beyond the ones already named I am gonna have to give this some real thought….

    Covers are very hard to do but Phyllis Hyman’s cover of Betcha By Golly Wow is my alll time favorite!

  6. Cryssy says:

    Let me add Sailing by Avant is a very nice cover (can’t remember the original singer)

  7. […] away. I grew up listening to him as most of us. One of my favorite songs by him I did feature in my post about remakes, the duet with Stephanie Mills “Feel the Fire”. I also love how Avant infused his […]

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