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Say Huh?

on September 17, 2009

so I was talking to my homie Streetz about trife songs because for some strange reason I love them. LOL. I told him “they say all the things you want to say, but just don’t.” and its true. I thought of posting about my favorite trife songs but that would be like 100% songs about cheating, and that’s pretty boring. so I just decided to make a list of questionable lyrics instead…

well  this list is not to be confused with crass per se, but just some things that make you PAUSE…or if a guy said these things to me I’d say uhhh….come again? LOL not saying I’d be mad but….

let’s see:

“I been doing these things for you, now what you gon’ do for me?
I ain’t trying to spend no cash if you ain’t spending that ass, no
I been doing these thing for you, now what you gon’ do for me?
I ain’t going down on you if you ain’t going down on me, no
I been doing these things for you, now what you gon’ do for me?
Say you wanna take first-class trips, well I wanna work those first-class hips, yes I do
I been doing these things for you, (yeah) now what you gon’ do for me?
You wanna ride all in my truck, but you don’t wanna let me **** you, don’t you say no tonight…”

Now this right here^^? I know this stuff crosses A LOT of minds…but I hate the way it SOUNDS.  Demanding sex is not the move. Ever. Kelly knows better…I hollered at “well I wanna work them first class hips” though, first time I heard it…but please, don’t repeat any of these lines men, ever in life. which goes into the next one…

“I feel like its still bitches that owe me sex..”

*blank stare*

This Kanye line was turned into a the hook for a song by my dudes Oceans 7. Now I don’t know if you all know how much I love Johnta, he sang that damn song but still….I’m not a fan! “the only thing bigger than my records is my ego”. Well it just might have to be for you to sing a song like this….

“Spread for me.”

Who told 3Stacks that this was acceptable? hahaha. no for real.

“don’t want to come on too strong, but I’ll play in you all day long” WORD?  I love him but this song had me like wtf when I first heard it I can’t even front. then I was singing along!

“See I’m jealous of your clothes because they touch you more than I do, and it kills me to know that your toes spend so much time with your shoes.”

Lyfe Jennings smoked something before writing this song. I’m serious. this one gives me “craaazy, deraaaanged”. LMAO. This is beyond Stingy.

“Girl I know I cheated before, I can’t say I won’t do it again…Stay by my side, girl, I know I can change sometimes I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me”

Marques. come on. *side eye* he really made this the chorus of a song, aptly titled Cheat. There are a LOT of songs about cheating so of course this isn’t an original concept, but dude. like what man really would say this to their woman.

“have an affair, act like an adult for once”

an oldie but goodie. another song about cheating. well in the original Mya’s thinking about it, she got a dude but she still wants to see what this other dude is working with. In the remix I’m assuming Jay is picking up where Jada left off…lets just do the damn thing…

“I don’t take ’em out to eat, I ain’t here to trick or treat, I ain’t trying to fix your weave, I ain’t heard of that…”

This is just funny. I wish somebody would say this to me…

“you don’t gotta take your panties off, just move em to the side”

Ok I can admit this one had me like heeeeey! but seriously 50, no man has ever SAID that aloud to their woman. you just do it…right?

“how you keep saying no, when your panties so wet?”

TIP, my goodness. The first time I heard this here song? I don’t think I have to say anything else….LOL. Now why you wanna go and do that?

and everything Plies says is inappropriate, so therefore I refuse to even go line by line with him. I can’t.


8 responses to “Say Huh?

  1. gspriggs says:

    yo that Ye verse in “put on” was hot, i felt that verse everything he was saying lol

  2. Streetz says:

    “and everything Plies says is inappropriate, so therefore I refuse to even go line by line with him. I can’t.”

    I hollered profusely!! Bust it baby came on in Remix’s Karaoke. We read the lyrics like WHAT DA FUK!!

    and LMAO @ 50 Cent line! Yeah you never TELL shorty that… you just do it until she stops or until you do 😉 hahahahahaa

    Excellent post Reece!

  3. Cryssy says:

    Plies is my guilty pleasure that is all…LOL

  4. Melody says:

    LMBO!! Good one but I gotta admit that line you quoted from “Spread” would have me like “ALRIGHT NOW!!” That 50 Cent one too.

    Don’t judge me! LOL!!!

  5. Ms. Minx says:

    LOL! this had me rollin’!
    I loooooved Spread when it came out, blasted it ALL THE TIME, you hear me?

    And I can’t deal with Plies. My LS is a different story, tho. She forced me to listen to his CD in her car. The word p***y was in one song like 14 times in the 1st minute. No, ma’am

  6. TyTy says:

    Pumpkin~ How could you leave out “You ain’t gotta say too much, by the look in your eyese I can tell you want to f*ck” “And you ain’t gotta call me ya boo, just as bad as I wanna f*ck, you wanna f*ck too!”

    I always understood what they ment, but never had the balls to say that one! Well, I figured out a more lady like way to say it….of course! lol

  7. D. Mitch says:

    I gotta admit…I hollared when she gave Marques Houston the side eye for that lyric.

    But I wouldn’t mind tellin a girl she ain’t gotta take her panties off…but just move em to the side. LMAO!

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