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Hit Me…

on September 20, 2009

“Take my money, my house and my car, for one hit of you, you can have it all baby….


I can’t believe I fixed my fingers to type about 112 and did NOT show respect to my boos! the best to ever do it! (clearly my opinion only, so feel free to NOT debate me on this). Before One-Tweezie, Dru Hill, Jagged Edge, Day 26…there was Jodeci! Now I know Guy was before them, but this here MY juke joint, and I loved Jodeci more. so there! Jodeci had a style about them that just did it for me. Devante Swing was hot on the production, K-Ci and Jojo hot on the vocals, and Mr. Dalvin was just hot. LOL. Na, I believe he did some instrumentation as well as background vocals.

These dudes are truly active participants in my life’s soundtrack.  I had the first joint on tape, then upgraded to CDs. I would play them over and over, and while yes I was just a shortie, I know when music sounds good–even if they were talking about stuff I had not ever done before.

I remember many many years ago I saw Jodeci live, and Boys II Men for that matter as they both opened for the Hammer’s 2 Legit 2 Quit tour. I had to have still been in elementary school? I don’t even know. My stepdad and I went, and I wasn’t paying either much mind because back then I was all about Hammer, LOL. But of the two I definitely gave more looks to B2M simply because I looooved me some “Motownphilly” back in the day. They also used “Its So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” as our elementary graduation song–I’m so serious.  Anyway, I can admit back then I wasn’t no parts of checking for Jodeci.

But as I got older and started listening to the music, actually understanding the lyrics…Jodeci quickly became favorites of mine. And while I am fans of all of their CDs….the best hands down, a certified CLASSIC is Diary of a Mad Band.

The song above is hands down my  absolute favorite, and it still gets regular rotation on my ipod. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped listening to this song since the CD came out in 93.

But a few others, and feel free to let me know some of your favorites (mentioned or not) in the comments.

Alone: this nasty song…and if you’ve been reading long enough you know how much I like those kinda songs. 😉 “…so please turn off the tv, and if you give a damn about me, I wanna hear you moan…”

What About Us: another favorite on Diary of a Mad Band.

Freek N You: great song, remix is ever better.

I’m Still Waiting: one of my faves from the first CD. “another day might be too long, go slow so nothing goes wrong…” found this remix video on youtube that I don’t even remember! I love finding old music on YT–even though I definitely like the original version much better!

Come and Talk to Me: I think the remix for this was like the first time I started paying attention to remixes. Bad Boy baby! one of my favorites also. I forgot that JE remade this *blank stare* I won’t even go on a JE tangent…this post isn’t about them. If you watch this video you will witness some of the 90s finest fashion moments! LOL

Stay: “don’t talk, just listen” one of the best song intros ever!

Love U 4 Life: I was seriously jeally of T-Boz in this video, I  was in loooove with Mr. Dalvin! I really thought they were gonna get married in real life, but I think getting married in a video jinxes you. I’m just saying–I’m superstitious like that.

The Show, The Afterparty, The Hotel was like 22 tracks long, and had an interlude after I really thought that was OD, but who knows what they were going for. a 12 track CD all songs wouldve been enough. however I must admit the Fallin interlude that goes into LU4L is one of my favorites.

just for the hell of it, here’s an a capella cover by the group Brotha–I love their voices, btw. good rendition.

4 responses to “Hit Me…

  1. Cryssy says:

    the show, the after party, the hotel!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

    These boys were the bomb, plain and simple for me they were nasty as hell and aint nothing like a good nasty song!!

  2. streetz says:

    Freak n You remix is on of the top ten remixes EVER!! My dudes right here!!

  3. Melody says:

    Diary of a Mad Band is a r&b classic from the 90’s thug era of music! Feenin! Ride & Slide! In the Meantime! Yessss!

    And the whole A side of Forever My Lady used to go so hard! That’s what I listened to on my walkman while riding the bus during 7th grade.

  4. Jubilance says:

    Man, I remember being the 6th grade, taking the issue of YSB magazine to school with me cause it had Jodeci on the cover. All the girls used to fight over who they wanted, Devante or Mr. Dalvin. And I wanted a pair of “Jodeci boots” as we called them, lol.

    My fave Jodeci songs are I’m Still Waiting, Xs We Share and Come & Talk to Me. I love Diary of a Mad Band though, and Jodeci gets heavy play on my iPod.

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