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Baby, I like it raw…

on September 22, 2009

yeah baby, but don’t tell nobody. LOL. But seriously, this was a dope video.


I remember the first time I heard this song–no I don’t remember EXACTLY WHEN IN TIME, but I know I was in the car with my mom and it was on the radio and she was like “this is HORRIBLE! WHO IS THIS?!” And proceeded to turn the station. I can laugh about it now, and I think I even laughed then. Because I agreed, he sounded horrible.

I have no idea how in the world that song grew on me. maybe it was seeing the video. I posted about Wu Tang before, and of course my favorite wu solo artists are Rae and Ghostface–check the new joints by both of them btw! I haven’t listened to the Ghostface yet, but its on the mental list of things to peep musically this week.

so how did I start liking ODB as a solo artist? I have nooooo idea. of course growing up a hip hop head in training; my older cousin lived with us and he’s the one that got me into it. we would talk about the music all the time. and the more hard core cursing artists that my mom wouldn’t buy the cd’s for me (before I got a job and could buy  my own), he already had. LOL. so I’d hear stuff anyway.

I became intrigued by the riduculousness of him calling himself Big Baby Jesus, Dirt McGirt, and all his other monikers, and he was pretty much a trainwreck. The MTV special about his many children, his antics at the Grammy’s. I mean, ODB was ODB.

I was still saddened when I heard of his passing because with many celebs you just don’t expect them to die. Its like you want them to live forever.

RIP, ODB…”wu tang  is for the children!” LMAO. Kanye knows ODB had the best acceptance speech interruption of all time!

4 responses to “Baby, I like it raw…

  1. Jubilance says:

    My hs bff bought me the Nigga Please album, and I still play it to this day…

    I wasn’t a huge fan but I appreciated his style of music & his eccentric behavior.

  2. streetz says:

    ODB was like the Uncle you had to love unconditionally.Thats my NUHHHH! lmao

  3. I loved, LOVE Wu Tang…. my favs were: Method Man, RZA, and Ghostface.

    I would be entranced when an ODB record came on though.. he was so original and out there. It was kinda like, “is he on something?” but I liked it. lol

  4. Nightfall says:

    Yeah you just got a new reader with this post 🙂

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