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on October 1, 2009

today is October 1st. Libra season is here!  yeah, I know there are September Libras but–since I rep for October I don’t really care about them right now! its officially fall, its gotten cooler–even here, and I’m just ready to embrace the season.

Today’s song is one of my personal theme songs (post coming soon about those!) and to me it just epitomizes the mentality of a Libra. We are known for a few things, mostly seeking balance in our lives (i.e. the scales), and being incredibly indecisive!

Indecisive should be my middle name. I hate having to pick where to eat, what to do, where to go. HATE IT. not because I don’t have ideas or suggestions, but because I have TOO MANY. I can’t ever choose! I always tell others to “just pick something”, but because I’m also picky (terrible combo huh?) I’m usually not satisfied with their choice.

ah, to be me. Yesterday I had some one on one time with Ms. Badu and this song came on. its been one of my favorites since the very first time I heard it–I remember I got the Baduizm CD back in high school and this song, and “No Love” were my immediate favorites. Maybe I was going through something at the time, not sure but I do know I liked these songs more than the main singles. Badu is my girl, DEFINITELY one of my favorite artists out. so here we go…. Sometimes…

Ye yo ye yo ye yo ye yo

I don’t love you anymore
Sometimes, I’m in love with you
Sometimes, I think that I’m going mad
I do

You been runnin’ through my dome
Meanwhile, Won’t leave me alone
Ooh chile…
Why it got to be this way
Ooh chile, gone on!

Can you tell me where, oh where
Oh where, oh where?

I think that you’re draining me
Sometimes, I want you at home
Sometimes, I feel like forgiving you
Sometimes, I don’t

I cannot blame you, my love
Meanwhile, I’m sitting here alone
Ooh chile…
This love affair ain’t what it was
Ohh chile, gone on
Can you tell me where, oh where
Oh where, where?

Ye yo ye yo ye yo ye yo ye yo

very simple song, to the point which is…what is the point? oh in this love thing–and life thing sometimes, we just can’t make up our minds! we just don’t know. I know its part of my nature, but all of you that AREN’T Libras, I know you have been there too!

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8 responses to “Sometimes…

  1. Cryssy says:

    Chile! That song is one of the main reasons I love ballads. They seem to be so well written and always feel like they were written for me by me!

    Great post Reecie!

  2. Crooky says:

    Not a Libra, but yeah, I’m feeling this song. We Pisces look for balance; we’re quite indecisive…ESPECIALLY when it comes to love.

  3. gspriggs says:

    good pick!!! but VIRGO’s are the best!!!!

  4. streetz says:

    Ole Emo loookin ass…lololol

    Badu is cool… Libra season, sigh…. my 2 sisters set off the month, then we WAIT for Scorpio season 😉

  5. Tunde says:

    “today is October 1st. Libra season is here! yeah, I know there are September Libras but–since I rep for October I don’t really care about them right now!”

    for real son? that’s how you gonna do me? smh

  6. Mikki says:

    hey reecie I am checking out your spot from ssso!!!

    so glad I found you because I am a libra too! birthday on the 14th

    when is yours??

    by the way I love that song and the cd, I went one whole summer playing the cd from sun up til sun down

  7. This is sooo me too! I often refer to myself as flighty! I need to add you onto our blogroll

  8. […] Gun is my favorite album of hers, but of course I love Baduizm. I even dedicated a post to my favorite song on that cd (which was not a single) that truly repesents the complex indecisiveness that means to be a […]

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