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I love this man pt. 4

on October 3, 2009

Now, I love this man but I can’t recall ever considering any of his music as classic. Maybe because I don’t think that much about it, I listen to it, enjoy it, and then I’m over it. Its not deeply profound, there isn’t any tricky wordplay that requires I play a song over and over to get it…its just pretty good, sometimes hood music. He’s not that great lyrically but I do appreciate his flow, he has the charisma and he has real life subject matter in his music and that makes me love him.

Funny because those are also the SAME reasons that I think Pac is/was overrated. I think the difference is people don’t really gas TI up–in my circles anyway, they just let him be him. A few people I know don’t even really like him. Now if something were to happen to him, and Lord forbid his life were to end– whose to say that it wouldn’t turn to that– there are plenty children that worship him with the likes of Lil Wayne, whom I also think is extremely overrated. I’m just saying I don’t recall anyone praising how Pac was “the greatest” when he was alive–but that’s neither here nor there. Same could be said about BIG I guess. You never miss a good thing until its gone maybe? Don’t know.  I did enjoy and still do enjoy Pac’s music, but that’s where it ends for me. Sorry to go there–kinda morbid, but it was on my mind. *saying a quick prayer for Clifford*

This is about my boo. So yes, its love. Again. If you missed parts 1-3, my other loves include Phonte, Fabolous, and Robin Thicke. All very different artists and of course I love them for different reasons. If you know me well, you know that I love JAY-Z above them all. But that love is sooooooo longstanding and spiritual (we have a bond, a connection #dontjudgeme) that I can’t even make one post to explain it, I’d rather just reference him in as many posts as I feel like it for no other reason than because I can! whew, moving on…

so back to TIP….some of my favorite songs

Freak Though: when people say foolish things like “you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” I always think of this song. I’m trying to tell y’all it happens And Pharrell on a chorus is never ever wrong in my eyes. EVER.

Top Back: I featured the remix on one of my first throwback thursday posts, which  features my remix king Jeezy. can’t go wrong with that.

Big Shit Poppin: I loved this as soon as it came out! definitely a hype song, good lead single. I know we promised to stop using swag, but he EPITOMIZES swag in this video! loves him!!! damnit!

The Greatest: Manny Fresh did his thing with this one!

Tha King: before the King CD, there was this song. loves it! then again Urban Legend is my favorite TIP cd.

Why You Wanna: featured in my Say Huh? post….TIP knows how to do it for the ladies

Bring Em Out: another favorite hype song, Swizz Beats? Jay sample? can’t go wrong. This is a party walk classic too–I think I’ve seen the Alphas in particular freak it to this one….I’m kinda old but I still get my stroll on. LOL

24s: what does he call this? the dope boy anthem. I’on know about that, but it goes hard…

My Life Your Entertainment: loves Usher, loves any chorus with him as well.

Whatever you like: yes, the simpin song. it grew on me…

Live your life: Rihanna does her best yoddling rendition, but I like the message “stop looking at what you aint got and start being thankful for what you do got”.

TIP is a high yella, scrawny, short thang, but I loves him to pieces. I’ve seen him a few times out in ATL and he’s so damn cute! I don’t really go for lightskinned dudes even though I don’t have a type, but he does it for me. That lil country accent?  Those lips? *swoon*

8 responses to “I love this man pt. 4

  1. Cryssy says:

    TI– I’d hit!!!

    OK so Stand Up is one of my fav T.I. Songs…

    Oh and his verse on Thug Matromony – a Trick Daddy song is sick.

    However I am in my feelings about Tip! As much as I like him he lost cred with me. He and his camp stay talking he real… Sorry convicted felons don’t get a year and a day with a federal gun beef – and his girl get a show?!?!

  2. Reecie says:

    good point, Cryssy! and I agree something aint quite right about that situation.

  3. D. Mitch says:

    Reecie, you already know how I feel about Freak Though…that’s my joint for real!

    Personally, I think that Urban Legend was his best work. Ain’t no way that anyone can tell me any different.

    Freak Though
    Get Loose
    Stand Up, etc.

    All his other CDs just had hits, but not entire CD playability like Urban Legend did.

  4. D. Mitch says:

    And I forgot about U Don’t Know Me….

  5. Reecie says:

    yeah I forgot U Don’t Know, too! thats def one of my favorites! and all those you named are hot on UL! I definitely played that one from beginning to end!

  6. streetz says:

    24s, What you know about that, Top Back. Yup!! All tuff

    Swing your rag will have me fight over hip hop… a definite club banga!

    I also liked RUbber Band Man. That was one of his first hits to pop in NYC

    Stop discriminating against light skin dudes..lmao

  7. Crooky says:

    I love me some TI, but didn’t really get into him until Rubberband Man (and right before Urban Legend dropped).

    “Motivation” was my track though.

    I fell more in love with him when he got his grown man clothing on.

  8. […] wrote a series awhile back when I first started about men I love they included TI, Phonte, Loso, and Robin Thicke. Plus everyone that knows me knows I love Hov and Raheem Devaughn so […]

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