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I don’t fight, I don’t argue…

on October 6, 2009

I just hit that chick…y’all know the rest. 🙂

that song came on the radio yesterday and coupled with the influx of “homewrecker” stories I’ve been reading it the blogsphere…it got me to thinking. no this post isn’t about cheater songs–too easy! and typical. This is the get that broad or dude served or go talk shit and cry in the corner, take your pick post.

now I’m not calling out any names Alicia Keys/Gabrielle Union but obviously there is some tension in the air regarding women that date men that are married–separated or otherwise. This post isn’t really about that either. But imagine you are the MAIN–the one thats getting cheated on, or there’s just something suspect going on thats not respecting your gangsta. You know you’d wanna beat a bish down, least pinch her or something. And your man too of course–I’m equal opportunity over here. Wanting to and actually doing, ok two DIFFERENT things. I’m of the school of thought that nobody is too old to get their ass handed to them, I don’t  suggest going around balling up your fist everytime someone makes you mad but…in certain situations I’ll just say, it may not be right, BUT I UNDERSTAND.

 first song that comes to mind, by my homegirl Miss Teedra:

You Better Tell Her: pretty self explanatory. check yo hoe, before I do. LOL

Gettin in the way-Jill Scott: “I’m go take you out in the middle of the street and whoop yo tail for all this worth, 5.99 or something like that” Jill doesn’t make those kinda songs anymore, lol.

Who Is She to You-Brandy: before I even uncover the dirt, I peeped how she was giving you goo-goo eyes over there. sup with that? hmmm. lol. Linked is the remix ft Usher–defending the man position. I’m amused by his verse now considering that “Papers” joint dropped yesterday.

Don’t Mess With Me (heartbreaker) -Lil Kim: this is a SIMS video linked and its pretty funny.

It’s a Wrap-MJB: you know Mary has a song for everything, lol.

Take This Ring-Toni Braxton: “tonight I’m gonna take this ring off my, my finger…that’s what I’m gon do!”  I’m over her, and you…I’m bout to put on the freakum dress and do me too!  “shhh, don’t tell nobody!”

or to take another turn…

Give a Chick A Hand-Mya: I don’t know how many people really do this–“she took my man she did, I don’t know how she did, cuz I’m a bad chick, but I’ma give a chick a hand..”  uhhh. #WDDDA? lol. This song was actually on her shelved joint Liberation, which was pretty decent. I wasnt’ able to find a link with the entire song but I do have it on my ipod. This is funny I found a B. Scott video talking about the song. love muffins check it out

Of all these situations I’m more than likely to pull a Brandy or Teedra, personally. now depending on what happens next, I might be on to a Jill or Toni, maybe.


Reecie doesn’t advocate for violence but if people in their right minds do it anyway, they must be prepared to suffer the consequences, which could include criminal charges. *PSA over*

8 responses to “I don’t fight, I don’t argue…

  1. Crooky says:

    Reecie, “Take This Ring” was my TRACK!! I also loved “Who Is She To You” (didn’t care for Usher being on the remix though).

    Good post!!

  2. Cryssy says:

    That Brandy song says it all…I will check his ass and if she is aware of ME her ass gets checked also…

  3. Reecie says:

    yea Robin, I prefer the original Brandy too. and yeah Cryssy, the Brandy track is how you do it, but if he’s like Usher lying and denying…it might go a lil bit further than that. lol.

  4. streetz says:

    Ur such a thug twin, lol

    But that I dont fight I dont argue had EVERY WOMAN wantin to bottle butt a chick! lmao

  5. Cryssy says:

    if he is denying it you know my mouth!!! I have ha dto check many of chicks and I have no problem doing it!

  6. Tunde says:

    yeah that mya track is strange. i wish i would dap a dude up for scooping my chick. lol.

  7. D. Mitch says:

    Yeah, that Brandy joint is the lick…but Usher hollerin all over the track didn’t work well in his favor. But I’m surprised you ain’t throw Jazmine’s “Bust Yo Windows” on here…I thought that was the national answer/anthem for women dealin with cheatin dudes. lol

  8. MilanRouge says:

    bwahahaha! Did you say ‘least pinch her or something’??? OMG! And yes you are right….how about I got a story for THAT ASS…I’ll bbm you another time. *remind me though*. These songs are the truth. I’m a classy laaaaaaaady but don’t test me. Hmmpf!

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