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You don’t belong to me…

on October 8, 2009

…And I Don’t Belong To You (And I Don’t Belong To You Baby)
No Matter How Hard We Try (We Try)
We’re Still On Borrowed Time
You Still Go Home To Her (You Still Go Home To Her)
So You Can’t Belong To Me (You Can’t Belong To Me)
Although Our Love Feels So Right
We’re Still On Borrowed Time

Nicole Wray, “Borrowed Time” from her debut Make It Hot. this came out when I was in hs. I loved this CD!

appropriate Throwback Thursday song considering cheaters is a popular subject this week. Am I sick of it? yes, but no, I don’t have any suggestions. lol. Celeb gossip is starting to annoy me, and everyone wanting to be an expert on what other people should live their lives. I’m me, so of course I have an opinion, but I know it isn’t gonna change a thing so, there it is. I guess its interesting dialogue, for…someone. I’m also tired of hearing about this damn H1N1 vaccine! good gracious! either get it or don’t, but damn. BTW, I never get flu shots and I’m not about to start this season.

In the meanwhile. I’m about to hit up the HuffPo, NYT for some different info to fill my brain with today…and of course some more throwback thursday…

“even if they don’t understand the flow, the understand the dough”

hey papi! an example of Jay giving one of his songs to Bleek to help him have a hit. Bless Bleek’s heart. So cute, and so rich. He’s in Jay’s will after all. I say he has it made. *cue 50s “have a baby by me baby* I kid, I kid. I think we’d make some purty babies though. just sayin.

I recently checked the iPod and couldn’t BELIEVE I didn’t have Janet on there! so I pulled out my cd, and uploaded it immediately. good times.

yes! this is the Whitney I love. *sigh* this is what Pop music should sound like, all syrupy sweet and stuff. lol. LOVES 80s Whit Whit the most…

“oh la oh la ay! “

was a huge Kid N Play fan back in the day. Salt N Pepa too, of course. I used to be a dancer when I was little–no not taking classes but a “get in the middle of the living room floor and dance for your family” kinda dancer. with routines and everythang! miss those days…

of course my mix is random, but so am I! hope you enjoyed it!

5 responses to “You don’t belong to me…

  1. Cryssy says:

    Throwback Thursday…

    That Whitney Joint I love. I was listening to Natile Cole – Love On My Mind, Gladys – Neither One of Us… and it just makes me no with even more conviction i was born in the WRONG musical era.

  2. D. Mitch says:

    yeah that Janet cd was the best…she shole don’t make em like that anymore. Too bad too.

  3. Melody says:

    “Rollin with Kid N Play” is a classic “rap with my sister while we do the dishes” song. I was always Play!

    That Nicole Wray cd went so hard! I’ve never met anyone else who agreed with me!

  4. J Money says:

    People slept on Nicole Wray. She a joint called Eyes Better Not Wonder. A chick I was messing with 10 years ago, dedicated this song to me way back when. lol.

    Been liking it ever since.

  5. […] song on there; I swear for me and my hs boyfriend this was “our song”. I did a previous Throwback Thursday post that included another favorite from that cd, “Borrowed Time”. Only thing I dislike […]

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