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oooh that’s my song!

on October 15, 2009

now that’s usually what I say, aloud or in my mind when I hear “the jam”. The jam is the song that for whatever reason is the one that makes you get up off your butt acting saditty poo and go on to the dance floor and do your thing. its usually the song that makes you do a bit more than the 2 step special, this one makes you really cut a rug, sing at the top of your lungs and some whatever else is your steelo.

but this post isn’t about those songs necessarily. This post is about THEME SONGS. Every woman has a song that is her ANTHEM; now I’m not talking Irreplaceable or Singles Ladies, but I mean an anthem that when you hear it you think its played

This Yo Gotti character got girls thinking they are 5 Star Chicks and, while I think the concept is hood, that’s a good example.  One of my faves used to be “Bad Bitch” by Webbie. #dontjudgeme. I have my hood moments!! lmao

But seriously here is my list, finally. REECIE’S THEME SONGS:

“That girl thinks that she’s so fine
That soon she’ll have my mind
That girl thinks that she’s so smart
That soon she’ll have my heart…

That girl thinks that she’s so bad
She’ll change my tears from joy to sad
She says she keeps the upper hand
‘Cause she can please her man
She doesn’t use her love to make him weak
She uses love to keep him strong
And inside me there’s no room for doubt
That it won’t be too long”-
That Girl, Stevie Wonder. My #1 theme song…

There She Goes– Babyface: could just be the Neptunes beat, but when I heard this song I immediately put it on “the list”

Bad Girl-Usher: those that know me already knew this one. this is also one of my in the club “oooooooh shit!” songs. gotta get up and do my thing. Sing with me: “whatchall know about a, supermodel”

Bossy-Kelis: *hangs head* I know its cliche, but this really was my song!

Being a Girl-Van Hunt: “Every once-in-awhile you meet a chile, that drives you wild, with unmistakable, downtown style…she just can’t help being a girl, she just can’t help-her-self, full of spectacle and charm like nothing else. Being a girl…”

Booty -Erykah Badu: “your booty might be bigga, but I can still pull your nigga but I don’t want him…” this damn song! Badu made this one before she got thick wit it. lol

Queen Bitch-Lil Kim: I told y’all I have my moments. this song was IT in high school. of course I still know all the words.

Flashing Lights-Kanye West: I’m not really sure why, but it is. lol

Sexy Lady-UCB: ok my DMV folks and go go heads know this…“sexy lady, give me your number giirrrrlllll, sexy lady, I wanna rock your world”. ok. you can’t tell me he isn’t singing to me when this comes on. ” damn girl you sexy as you wanna be, that mean walk…”

The One -Cee Lo ft. TI & Jazze Pha: I have blogged about this song a couple times, but its seriously my MF’in jam. like I love this song so much I can’t even explain it.  First time I heard this I was in the club in St, Louis and everyone was putting their “ones” in the air and I was like, well alright! lol. had to come home and download it. I’ll just post my favorite lyrics because they just rock. lol

It’s our privilege, to have had this conversation
It’s our privilege, and to have had this relation
It’s our privilege, I been searching all evening
For somebody who can and finally sent me the one
It’s our privilege, to have made you laugh
It’s our privilege, and to have crossed your path
It’s our privilege, you’re the star yes you are
Can have your autograph cuz you lookin like THE ONE
It’s our privilege, to have seen your face
It’s our privilege, and I bet you taste so good, let’s get one thing understood
I’ll be good yes I would, especially for the one

^^ no, Cee-lo isnt’ fine but he’s singing that part to me. I promise. I imagine it as him singing on behalf of TI though. ;-p

Others mentioned on other blog posts have been Wanna Love you Girl, Prototype, She Got Her Own, Sometimes,  Muah, PYT, Be Happy…I mean, you know a good song when you hear it, right? I don’t really have or need a lot of people gas me up in life–because I gas myself. no harm in that is it? nope. *pats self on the back and keeps dancing*

“she’s the kinda girl you wanna marry, the kinda you  walk the whole earth for, put her on your back and just carry, her attitude is hotter than the earth’s core…”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Do men have theme songs?! just curious…

18 responses to “oooh that’s my song!

  1. streetz says:

    @ Reecie

    Yup we have theme songs! Heres a few of mine

    Dont Push me – 50 Cent One of the toughest 5 songs I ever heard, and it’s how I feel when people piss me off. Crazy beat and everyone repped on the track

    Do it again – Jay-Z This song epitomizes Jay’s flow well. This was a banga in the Tunnel and always got me hyped

    Slippin – DMX For when I need to be reminded that I gotta get up, and bounce on my feet so I can tear ish up!

    Nas – The Message one of the best opening tracks on any album ever. The title says it all

    Kanye – Touch The Sky The was my alarm in 05. Helped me start the day hyped and ready to conquer all

    50 Cent – Just a little bit My 2005 anthem after my rebirth from a bad breakup ;-).

    Nas – Affirmative Action/If I ruled the world/Blaze a 50 The beats alone made me think of reachin new heights of cool. Just crazy!

    Jay-Z Lucifer/U Dont know/Streetz is watchin Had to group some of my favorite tracks! All of these send a charge in my heart to do better and strive over the haters

    Jay-Z – Imaginary player Probably one of my favorite jay tracks ever, just for anytime people front like they real, this is it!

    As far as 2009, Id have to say that As real as it gets, Who Dat by Jeezy, Drakes Say you will freestyle, Kanyes paranoid, and on to the next one are all top contenders to make my list. All you gotta do is drive in a whip with me and you’ll see the Sountrack to my Life in full effect! (u see what I did there?)

    Great post!

  2. Reecie says:

    good list, Streetz! and I like a good # of these songs but they aren’t my “anthems” per se. but I dig it–you know I’m all over that Imaginary Player, one of the reasons Vol. 1 is one of my favorite Jay joints. And that Slippin? classic DMX. I really wanted him to perform that at HHH.

  3. Crooky says:

    Hands down…Mary J’s “Be Happy” is my theme song, ESPECIALLY as I’ve gotten into my late 30s. Every time it comes on in the car, I go into my MJB ghetto girl dance (you know the only movement that MJB knows how to do).

    Now I can’t say that this is my theme song, but it’s definitely the track that makes me go dumb everytime I hear it – M.O.P.’s “Ante Up”. I mean, it’s soooo Brooklyn. My inner ghetto girl comes out.


  4. Cryssy says:

    Reecie that Bad Girl joint when it comes on I never see one lady sitting down!

    I thought I was the only person that bumped that Babyface cd esp that track!!!

    Juicy – Mtume
    “You know very well what you are
    My suga thang
    My chocolate star
    I’ve had a few but not that many
    But your the only one
    That gives me good and plenty”

    Nasty Girl – Vanity 6
    This entire song!

    Beautiful – Snoop
    I know but I love that song!

    Oh and Lil Kim she has a few for me!

    Good post as usual.

  5. Reecie says:

    Crooky, I really don’t know how I left off Be Happy. thats a great one, and I think I’ll edit my post to add it, I’ve blogged on that song in particular in the past.

    Cryssy, I thought about Beautiful too. I love that song! I got a @reply on twitter last night for Nasty Girl. and I can def see how that’s one of yours! lmao.

  6. Melody says:

    Let’s see, I feel like I have so many!

    MJB – Just Fine

    India.Arie – Video

    Kanye West – Good Life

    Erykah Badu – Clever

    And, for the moment, it is Chalie Boy “I Look Good” who, incidentally, is pretty unattractive. Nevertheless, that song gets me amped!

    And I totally feel you on The One and Bad Girl!

  7. Melody says:

    Cryssy, “Juicy Fruit” is my favorite song of all time! OF ALL TIME!

  8. Cryssy says:

    Mel – that Juicy joint goes SO HARD!!!!!

    And Reecie you know Nasty Girl is a gem of a song! HA

  9. Crooky says:

    Oh…just thought about another song. Babyface’s “There She Goes” from his Face2Face cd. The track was produced by the Neptunes.

  10. Reecie says:

    ^^Crooky, that’s the second song on the list! love it!

  11. My anthems (off top):

    Jay – Dead Presidents… all of ’em… the original, part II, and part 3 that’s floating around the net.

    Jay – Party Life… nothing like throwing this song on in the whip when you’re just getting off work on a Friday and you know the weekend is bout to be a good one!

    Biggie – One More Chance Remix… just puts me in a good mood

    One Chance – Look at Her Remix ft. Trey Songz, Bobby V, Lloyd… every time i see a baddd chick, dime, winner, this song plays in my head.

    Bun B – Throwed… again, one of those songs you put on when it’s time to kick it, when you get off work, etc.

    just a few, but there’s way more than this of course!

  12. Reecie says:

    I haven’t heard any of One Chance’s music but I’ve heard a lot of people buzzing about how good they are. I’ll have to check em out…

  13. FlawedBeauty says:

    OoOoOoO…I love love love the list that you have hear. I like that there’s a mix of old school and new school.

    I wanna add like three…

    1. Raheem DeVaughn-You & Woman…
    2. Raphael Saadiq-Never Give You Up

    K! That’s it…I don’t really have any like club songs though…just cause I never get to go out no mo..

  14. MilanRouge says:

    I told you mine on twitter but my No. 1 is ‘Brownskin Lady’ by Black Star….

    She Got Her Own is my jam too….still haven’t gotten old to me.

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