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Don’t know what I’d do without you…

on October 21, 2009

“Friends are the family that you choose”-UNKNOWN

I’ve always liked this quote. I know some folks that say their siblings are their best friends and I’ve always admired that. I think its great to grow up with someone and actually get along! I know more folks that love their siblings, but don’t really LIKE em that much, or just don’t see it in a friendship kinda way: its family, so its more, but its different. For those of you with siblings I don’t know which side you fall, on, but regardless, we all have something in common: friends. our chosen family. this song is for them.

I don’t know what I’d ever do without you
From the beginning to the end
You’ve always been here by my side
So I’ll call you my best friend
Through the good times and the bad ones
Whether I lose or if I win
I know one thing that never changes and
That’s you as my best friend


3 responses to “Don’t know what I’d do without you…

  1. Ms. Minx says:

    My older sister is my best friend, she’s seen the absolute worst and best of me, and knows about 98% of my secrets (gotta keep some ish to myself, lol!). Love that chick. We have survived a lot of things together 🙂

    The Youtube video made me smile: she used to LOVE with this Brandy song, and we are both TOTAL Brandy stans, lol!

  2. Streetz says:

    I kinda categorize my sisters as sisters, ,which to me is higher than friend. I mean I can confide in them and we have that unconditional love… Even that P90X love “I hate them, but I love them” lol

    Either way, gr8 post homie!

  3. […] I actually blogged about this song in particular and briefly touched on friendship here. […]

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