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the music that keeps me going…

You can find me in the streets…

on October 28, 2009

even in the drought,
my mattress is full
why shouldn’t I be out?
hey, buddy,
i’m good
(what they tell you?) I’m good
(what they tell you?) I’m good
(what she tell you?) I’m good

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is my feel good song. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, when I hear it “I’m good!”

here are some other favorites by or featuring The Clipse (or just Pusha), in no particular order:

Stay With Me: one of my faves, if not the fave on Pharrell’s In My Mind

Hot Damn

Mr. Me Too: “I know what you thinkin why I call you me too, Cause everything I say, I got you sayin me too”


Everybody Nose Remix: Kanye does his thing on this one! Lupe too. I love them all. lol

What happened to That Boy: only song by Baby that I like. lol

When The Last Time: “top down, chrome spinnin!”

Kinda like a Big Deal: this song goes so hard!!! again Kanye does his thing. can’t be mad at it.


of course the collabos with Pharrell/Neptunes are the best. I know they aren’t signed to Star Trak anymore, but seriously they should never stop making music together!!! those Virginia boys make some bangers!!!


6 responses to “You can find me in the streets…

  1. Tunde says:

    mr me too is my ish. grindin i love that song. plus the remix. you need to get on the re-up gang mixtape. it’s pretty hot. you need to get on it.

  2. J Money says:

    “I’ve been disappointed by every bitch i ever had
    Either she was dick crazy or cheddar mad
    Shame what they did for them jeans and them leather bags
    Reverse it I want perfect That was half the reason i bought half them purses ”

    Pusha went off on Stay with me. lol

    I said this before. Clipse (as well as Kelis) should work with mainly Pharrell. Some people just go hand and hand. I think I listened to Hell Hath no fury probably twice (even though neptunes did all the tracks) when I bought it. Lord willin set the bar so high, that Hell Hath didnt have chance.

    Im good is the best song to drop this summer. IMO

  3. Melody says:

    Mr. Me Too is what that is! I always loved that song. And Grindin’ used to get me so crunk! We used “What Happened to That Boy” in a yard show too.

    I think I’ve always liked Pusha T’s flow better but I think Malice is cute in a “he’s not really cute but kinda” sort of way. LOL.

  4. streetz says:

    Grindin was their entry into NYC. BET Uncut for LIFE!!!

    What happened to that boy is my ish too!

    Cant wait for their album! Lets gooo!

  5. CHeeKZ says:

    STREETZ! Me and you actually agree on hip hop for once.

    Clipse are one of the all time great rap groups. One of the best debuts of all time followed by a classic (according to xxl). Pusha is a beast, so slept on. The Re-up gang mixtapes, the play clothes mixtape. There are millions of Pusha lines to quotes, MILLIONS.

    That DJ Khalil beat should be the song of the year! I can’t believe that song didn’t become a hit. People keep saying they should just work with ‘tunes, but from their mixtapes you can see they are dope without them. AND THE NEW JOINT WITH CAM’RON! They bring such an original heartfelt honest and smart perspective to drug dealing. If Gangsta rap sounded like them, no one could complain about dumbing down the culture or glorifying violence.

    “Deepest regret and sympathy to the street
    I see them pay for they fix when they kids couldn’t eat
    And with this in mind, I still didn’t quit
    And that’s how I know that I aint shit”

  6. […] albums he has put out some dope verses on remixes and features. Some featured in other posts like Kinda Like a Big Deal, Put On remix, and Run This […]

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