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More Disappointments…

on November 3, 2009

two of my favorite artists: Amerie and Wale.

Granted, I’ve only heard the Wale once thru, but its definitely not as good as his previous mixtapes, or even the very last Back to the Feature, and that one didn’t even get a lot of love. I can’t imagine anyone that hated that, that loves Attention Deficit. if they do…then well I’ll just chalk it up to questionable ears? I dunno, we all like what we like.

now that Love &  War? eh. I have no more words, despite I had high hopes. I have all her other CDs but I won’t be purchasing this. sorry Am.

I spoke on my last disappointment post on BP3 and Ready. I can say now that BP3 grew on me but I still don’t really like Ready. I prefer I Gotta Make it, Trey Day and Anticipation.

now BP3?! my faves are:

Already Home (which I did NOT like immediately), A Star is Born (love J. Cole), Thank You, Empire State of Mind, So Ambitious, Real As it Gets, and On to the Next One. Still hate Hater and iffy about What We Talkin About. **edited for correction, this song isn’t terrible, just not my favorite kinda Hov**

maybe I’ll be able to say the same about the Wale and Amerie projects in a few weeks.

if someone can suggest their faves on both of these thus far, please let me know and maybe I’ll have to do an “intense listen” to feel them.

6 responses to “More Disappointments…

  1. Crooky says:

    I’m going to give Wale and Amerie another try, but from first listen, I’m not very moved either. *sigh*

  2. streetz says:

    Ima listen to Wale tomorrow and we’ll discuss homie

  3. The Wale is like BP3, you have to listen a few times. He’s got some ill punch lines that I didn’t pick up on the first go round. Also it’s a lot more introspective and story-oriented than his mixtapes. But my fandom aside, it’s still a pretty solid album. I haven’t heard too many people say they didn’t like it.

  4. I’ve heard one song so far off of that new Wale, which is the one featuring J Cole & Melanie Fiona.

    I heard J Cole’s verse, which was like painting a picture.

    Wale’s part was like watching paint dry.

    Wale is just mediocre to me.

    My question is what’s wrong with What We Talkin About off BP3? That was one of the best tracks on there. It says a lot about the direction Jay’s going in musically (compared to guns, drugs, street life, and other typical topics), and his flow/delivery was best on that song compared to other tracks on the album.

  5. Reecie says:

    yeah that track with Melanie and J Cole is hot. Cole outshines dude on his own joint once again.

    and with the Jay song, I dig it lyrically, but I HATE that beat–I think someone told me its a Mobb Deep joint? its like nails on a chalk board for me. I just can’t deal! lol. not sure about that flow either…

  6. D. Mitch says:

    I told you that you’d like BP3…I remember when we had this convo. I figured you’d turn it around. lol

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