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They Say A Lot About Me…

on November 4, 2009

let me tell what I aint…

I ain’t no ordinary nigga
Look around, this ain’t what ordinary gets you
Extraordinary figures
I’m an extra-ordinary nigga


I love this song!!!!

so I was reading the comments of my last post about Jay and BP3 in particular and I decided to listen to my Jay playlist to see what would pop out as some of my favorites versus songs I didn’t like for whatever reason. So in my search of a more recent Jay since he did say “Hov on that new shit, Niggas like how come, Niggas want my old shit, buy my old albums” I didn’t want to pick anything TOO old. I understand growth, you can’t rap about hustlin your entire life–but for me its not even what you say but HOW you say it, and a song is more than lyrics (I know, right, coming from me. lol) so if it doesn’t flow right for me, the cadence and production, its just a bit off I’m immediately not a fan. But THIS song, is it.

I love American Gangster but this is hands down my favorite song on that project, and it has actually made my top 10–i can’t possibly only have 10 favorites by him? its just…does it for me.


One response to “They Say A Lot About Me…

  1. streetz says:

    Once again me and you are >>>>>>>>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<<<<<

    This song is a problem.. HMy joint is No hook and Ignorant Sh*T. Success too wit ESCO! Def top 5 Jay albums!

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