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He said he wanted something real…

on November 9, 2009

“Somethin he could recognize, somethin he could feel…”


Life… ain’t meant to come around twiiiice
Yeah, that’s why I gotta get it right
They said I got it honest now I gotta give it LIFE
But sleep on it, that’s why God give you night
I mean, I had a dream that, God gave me FLIGHT
Too fly for my own good so, God gave me plight
If I wake up in the mornin now I gotta give ’em SIGHT

^^this is probably one of my favorite hip hop verses ever.

The game is not to give ’em nuttin REAL..
real…real… real… real
Nothin they could use, nuttin that they could FEEL..
feel… feel… feel… feel
Give ’em a bunch of lies and teach ’em that it’s REAL..
real… real… real.. .real
So that’s all that they a-know
That’s all that they a-feel… feel… feel… feel

Struggle… yeah yeah, another sign that God love you
Cause on the low, bein po’, make you humble

Keep they names in my rhymes to try and keep them out of trouble
Cause bein po’, also teach you how to hustle
All they want is some shoes or some rims for they bubble
Now that I got my own, I can hit them with a couple
Couple, my homies so they ain’t got no reason to cuff you
That’s my plan, if I can, on the man, up above you

its not my favorite Lupe song, but its up there. I remember the first time I heard it like. WOW.

Food & Liquor was one of those CDs that I liked immediately. but my favorite track on there is hands down, Hurt Me Soul: can’t describe how much I love this song…

Now I ain’t tryna be the greatest
I used to hate hip-hop… yup, because the women degraded
But Too $hort made me laugh, like a hypocrite I played it
A hypocrite I stated, though I only recited half
Omittin the word “bitch,” cursin I wouldn’t say it
Me and dog couldn’t relate, til a bitch I dated
Forgive my favorite word for hers and hers alike
But I learnt it from a song I heard and sorta liked
Yeah, for the icin, glamorized drug dealin was appealin
But the block club kept it from in front of our buildin
Gangsta rap-based filmings became the buildin blocks
For children with leakin ceilings catchin drippins with pots
Coupled with compositions from Pac, Nas’s “It Was Written”
In the mix with my realities and feelings
Living conditions, religion, ignorant wisdom and artistic vision
I began to jot, tap the world and listen, it drop

My mom can’t feed me, my boyfriend beats me
I have sex for money, the hood don’t love me
The cops wanna kill me, this nonsense built me
And I got noooo place to gooo
They bomb my village, they call us killers
Took me off they welfare, can’t afford they health care
My teacher won’t teach me, my master beats me
And it huuurts me soul

I had a ghetto boy bop, a Jay-Z boycott
‘Cause he said that he never prayed to God, he prayed to Gotti
I’m thinkin godly, God guard me from the ungodly
But by my 30th watchin of “Streets is Watchin”
I was back to givin props again and that was botherin
By this uncomfortable as a untouchable touchin you
The theme songs that niggas hustle to seem wrong but these songs was comin true
And it was all becoming cool

I found a condom on the ground that Johns would cum into and thought
What constitutes a prostitute is the pursuit of profit then they drop it
The homie in a suit pat her on the butt, then rock it
It seems I was seein the same scene adopted
Prevalent in different things with the witnesses indifferent to stop it
They said don’t knock it, mind ya business
His business isn’t mine and that nigga pimpin got it

I know I nearly posted the entire song but its THAT FIRE. Food & Liquor is full of other great tracks like Sunshine“fresh to death she is, from her steps to her sex, she is…” Also Daydreaming, Kick Push, What it Do, and I Gotcha. And his sophomore release The Cool was just as good, faves being Go Go Gadget Flow, Dumb it Down, Intruder Alert, Superstar, and Hip Hop Saved My Life. One of my fave  unreleased mixtape tracks are Gangsta Gangsta ft. Ness and And He Gets the Girl (dopeness-click link if you’ve never heard it!).

but enough of my faves, tell me those two songs above weren’t lyrically and sonically on point. I miss Lupe personally. I think he kinda started this new wave of “backpacker” hip hop. Whatever you call it, its great. need new music dude!

writing this post just reminded me that I used to pretty much be a Lupe stan…


4 responses to “He said he wanted something real…

  1. Cryssy says:

    Not really a Lupe fan but the lyrics to that song made me want to listen to the entire song.

  2. Crooky says:

    Yeah I didn’t ever really get into Lupe. Might go back and give him a chance though.

  3. streetz says:

    We Are Lasers is Lupe’s new album! Its droppin soon

    I did a post on this when I used to do Myspace Blogs. Crazy! I swear you are my twin. lol

  4. One of my all-time favorite Lupe songs is “Put You on Game.” From the beat, to the lyrics, to the flow… just brilliant. Listen to that song, read the lyrics, and then look around your neighborhood, watch The Wire, watch BET, etc. Huge eye opener!

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