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Guest Review: Transition…

on November 16, 2009

the post below is from Tunde, of Like A Dream. We pretty much talk on a daily basis about music of some sort. I hadn’t really given Ryan Leslie much of a chance in the past so I wasn’t pressed to hear the new CD, honestly.  I liked some the singles put out from the first CD, but I wouldn’t consider myself a fan. I even expressed to Tunde that “all his songs sound the same”. It has to do with his vocal range and the “sound” he has. its not really diverse as a…..Raheem. But then again y’all know I stans for Raheem. Anyway check his review and I’ll give my feedback at the end–since I’ve been bumping Transition for the past weekend.

Ryan Leslie’s second album entitled Transition, hits stores on November 3, 2009. I was a fan of his self titled debut album but I was skeptical of this album for a couple of reasons. First, I hoped he didn’t fall victim to the sophomore slump that a lot of artists usually suffer. Next, I really wasn’t feeling his first single, ‘You’re Not My Girl’. It really took a second for the song to grow on me. Last, it took R Les 4 years to work and complete his debut album. Transition took only nine months for him to record and release with no push backs. I worried that he may have rushed in putting this album together.

Listening to the album it’s definitely not better than his first. It’s not worse but I think he made a parallel move. The beats on the album are dope. I really like his laid back beats and while he doesn’t have the best voice he across as trying too hard. Transition covers the myriad of emotions that you might experience in a relationship. The false sense of she is perfect during that infatuation is covered in tracks ‘Nothing’ with lyrics like “…without you I’d be nothing at all.” and ‘Never Gonna Break Up’. He even covers the break up part of a relationship in ‘Promise Not 2 Call’ “…I feel we were wrong right from the very start…”

Overall I like the vibe of the album. My favorite track would have to be ‘Something That I Like’ ft. Pusha T. This beat sounds like it belongs on Hell Hath No Fury album. R Les tells a story of this woman that he likes and everything he likes about her. It’s nothing groundbreaking but I like the message because I can relate to the song. Pusha T also comes through and rips the beat. “…The CL’s waiting as soon as the plane lands, to ball on the city is the game plan…any given Sunday its Project Runway, something that I like and I gotta have her one day…”

I give Transition a solid B.

Reecie’s feedback: I still stand by my feelings on RLes, but its a decent CD. My favorite tracks are Nothing, Zodiac, Something That I Like, Rescue U, and Never Gonna Break Up. I’ll agree with the B grade, I’m glad I didn’t buy this though. I have also revisited the first CD and I haven’t decided if it’s better or on equal playing field.

Those that have heard it, leave your feedback in the comments section! Are you a big RLes fan? Am I sleeping for not really drinking the kool-aid–I mean I’m sipping it slowly, is that not enough?

5 responses to “Guest Review: Transition…

  1. MilanRouge says:

    I’ve been waiting on some reviews from folks I trust before I buy. I’m still on the fence. I loved his first album, ‘Gibberish’, ‘IRINA’, ‘Valentine’ notable standout songs because it was something “different” than what I was hearing in R&B at the time. I was worried for this album because of the “sophmore slump” thing that artist sometimes go thru. Also because I wasn’t really digging the lead single (still not really digging that). I think i’ll go check out some of you guys’ fav songs from the album and go from there. Thanks for the review!

  2. Jubilance says:

    I’ve listened to the album only once all the way through, and by the time I reached the end I thought “all the songs sound the same” (I think I Tweeted that too!). “You’re Not My Girl” was my jam from the first time I heard it, and its still my fave song on this album so far. I’m hoping it will grow on me.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. Crooky says:

    I like RLes, but haven’t listened to his latest effort.I knew that it didn’t take him too long to come out with this CD (and thought that the tracks on Transition were the castoffs from the 1st joint). “You’re Not My Girl” is my jam though.

  4. streetz says:

    The first album is off the chain. This one isnt as hot, but its not bad.. it has a cool out vibe to it, while the first one goes for the Homerun every time!

    Good review Tundizzle

  5. Cryssy says:

    thanks for the review; i had no idea he even had a new one… I will check it out

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