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You Can Call Me Janet…

on December 8, 2009

…Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty!

so I was sucked into watching the Janet interview a few weeks back, and I can honestly say it wasn’t bad–despite that whisper talk she does that totally annoys me. I think she’s gorgeous and she shared more than I expected, especially about Jermaine! I want them back together. its obvious he makes her happy.

moving on, to the music. I purchased her Number Ones CD, and I had planned to before the interview because I honestly don’t own a lot of her music. I have the Janet cd and that’s it. so I was really appreciating the double disc, and wanted to share some of my favorites on there with you. I attached all the videos, as Janet is known for her videos, especially those with choreography.

Lets Wait Awhile: I absolutely love this song.

Control: of course the breakout song for her upward hike to icon status! I used to love the key in the earring…

Love Will Never Do: “they said it wouldn’t last, we had to prove them wrong…” sexy video! she looks so pretty too.

Rhythm Nation: you already know, classic.

I Get Lonely (one of my favorite remixes)

and another favorite, not on Number Ones, but that is on Janet. is shown below.

You want this!

6 responses to “You Can Call Me Janet…

  1. D. Mitch says:

    Wow! I just did a post on Michael and one of my fave songs…but I’m feelin your list. Especially that I Get So Lonely remix. One song I wanna add is Come Back to Me. Really passionate song of hers. Good post!

  2. Crooky says:

    Janet rocks and I’m always going to love her. I think my 2 fave CDs are Rhythm Nation and janet.

  3. Titilayo (Tomi) says:

    Some of my absolute fave Janet songs are “What About” [a song abotu domestic violence from the Velvet Rope], “If”, “Would You Mind”, “Anytime Anyplace”… the list goes on and on, but you hit it pretty dead on with this list… “I Get So Lonely [Remix]” will forever be one of my favorite songs because of the despair and true longing that you hear in the array of voices… They don’t make music like that anymore…

  4. MilanRouge says:

    I LOVE ‘You Want This’….definite favorite. Loved that video too…I used to do the dance routine at the end. Dope.

  5. jermaun says:

    I looooove Janet…and i am skeptical of folks who say they love her and weren’t fans when she did “Control” and “Nasty Boys” and all that stuff…two songs of hers on my ipod that are in constant rotation: “Pleasure Principle” (my ringtone for a loooong time) and “Got till It’s Gone”.

  6. Melody says:

    I was a major fan of Janet when I was little. I damn near busted my head open trying to do her chair move from the Pleasure Principle video!

    One of my fav. songs is “Would You Mind.” ( So nasty! I love it!

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