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It’s Funny How the Tables Turn…

on December 14, 2009

“now its you running me, you didn’t want to spend quality time, didn’t think I would ever leave, you got way too comf-ta-ble!”

“wanna tell me stay home like I got a fuckin ring on!” -okay that was my part. LOL

Yep. Every woman knows how this goes. Before there was “Irreplaceable”, my girl Mo was singing “Knock Knock” This song was a banger,  the follow up/continuation video to “So Gone”, and was one of the few good singles on the cd After the Storm, which wasn’t a bad cd at all, just poorly promoted. Then she came out with The Makings of Me, which also wasn’t bad, just…I don’t know, not great.

I’ve always been a Monica fan. Ever since I was in the 8th grade and she hit the scene. I liked her because she was around my age, of course a slim goodie like me, and she COULD SING! Miss Thang is still a favorite, with several bangers. With her in the studio now and her new BET reality show–that I don’t watch because its boring and it comes on the same time as Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, I figured it would be good to post some of my favorites by her, as I dare say I’m looking forward to the new cd. Y’all already know what happens every time I say that though. hmph. I’ll just say I like Monica  a lot and I wish her much success.

Why I Love You So Much

Street Symphony: this is hands down my favorite song on The Boy is Mine. “never thought I’d be afraid to trust, somebody that I love so much…”

Before You Walk Out of My Life: Straight puppy love. yesssss

With You: quiet banger from Miss Thang

So Gone

Just One of them Days: the PMS anthem! lol

Inside: I love this song, it describes me in a lot of ways. one I used to resonate with a lot. how about I didn’t even know there was a video for this!!! please click the link–y’all remember this? I do remember she used to cover her arm tat in all the videos.

U Should’ve Known Better

Get it Off: on my workout mix, good dance song.

Raw: shout out to my girl Milan, she knows how much this joint bumps! “soft, sweet ain’t workin no mo so, I’ma finna to give it to you raw!”

Why Her?: another banger from The Makings of Me

Trust: because while it is Keyshia’s song, she clearly out sang her on it.

I know I put most of the popular tracks, but what are your favorites by Monica? looking forward to the new music?


8 responses to “It’s Funny How the Tables Turn…

  1. Streetztalk says:

    Just one of those days was a hood anthem and the official cosign for women to flip out during their cycle, lololol!

    The Boy Is Mine was a hot track and I still laugh at the video!

  2. MilanRouge says:

    haha! Thanks for the shoutout…Raw speaks DA TRUFE! Alot of my favorites from her are from her first cd (Miss Thang)…’Now I’m Gone’, ‘Kickin It With You’, ‘Let’s Straighten It Out’, ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’…ummm…let me go run all that on my IPOD. That whole cd jammed.

    Street Symphony is another favorite of mine as you mentioned.

    And her duet with Tyrese ‘Go To Bed Mad’ bangs out…

    I LOVE her voice, so rich. I have to agree that her reality series is a bit boring…I still watch tho. 😉

  3. Crooky says:

    One of my faves by Monica was “Right Here Waiting” with Q from 112. Very good remake. Another remake that she did was “Straighten It Out” (with Usher) that was from the Panther soundtrack.

    I’ve always LOVED Monica from the first time she came out. Like you said, “Miss Thing” still bangs to this day. “Street Symphony” is another one of my favorite jams.

    I’ll catch her show every now and again. She has no major drama in her life right and it appears that the people around her are normal, therefore her show is a little snooze. Considering all the other coontastic shows that are/were on, I don’t mind the snooziness of it.

  4. Zoom says:

    Yeah, she is a tight artist that needs more pub. As always, you have great choices in your artist….keep it up!

  5. Cryssy says:

    OMG! Monica is one of my favs she could out sign most of these chicks in the game right now! I personally thought The Makings of Me had some get songs “Why Her”

    this song holds a special place in my heart cause umm yeah…

  6. Cryssy says:

    “Hell No” from The Makings of Me is another one I LOVE

  7. D. Mitch says:

    Yeah, I’ve always loved Monica myself…ever since Ms. Thang came out. Unfortunately, she made the fatal mistake of coming out with her second LP at the same time as Brandy’s second joint, and Brandy’s joint kilt hers. But Street Symphony always banged tho.

    Good post!

  8. anson1 says:

    Aside from the ones you & everyone else mentoined, I’ll go with “Never can say Goodbye”, “Misty Blue”, “I Keep it to Myself”, “So in Love”, “Doin me Right”, & the list can go on & on.

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