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I wanna be like those girls…

on January 6, 2010

…in the movies, to have a man so in love it makes him drop to his knees. She’s even on his mind, while he’s asleep at night, Cause that’s the feeling you’ve given me.

I love this song. Ashanti gets a LOT of flack for being pretty wack. I mean she’s pretty (to me) but she can’t really sing, she can’t dress, and she says “aww baby” like 500 times in almost every song–well except this one. I featured another favorite song by her in my Rain Rain Go Away post last year (its pretty easy to guess which song that is.) But she’s had a few other bangers. Singing ability be damned, her first CD bumped! I effed with her! But then again I also effed with Ja Rule before 50 cent brainwashed into everyone thinking he was garbage, then pretty much biting his schtick–you know the whole singing hooks instead of rapping thing.

so anyway here are a few of my faves by Ashanti.

Still On It -this song BANGS! I even posted a blog about this song alone too.I really don’t care for Paul Wall, but Meth?! lawdamercy. the beat and the features are what make it hot.

Baby – I know, I know.  but it works for me. and who can deny that Scarface Mary Jane beat? “he’s like the lighter to my cigarette, watch me smoke…”

Unfoolish -the remix with my dude BIG. I remember when Foolish came out this was probably one of THE most played songs on the radio. so much I grew sick of it, but the BIG verse revived it.

Always on Time -its Ja’s song but she made it, and yes I was the chick that had this on my voicemail in college #dontjudgeme

So Hot -this is the song I was listening to on my ipod that prompted the post. a sexy underrated joint from her third cd Concrete Rose.

Good Good -came out in 08? and surprisingly was catchy and people dug it, despite really not liking her. lol

I actually have about 13 songs on my iPod from Ashanti so I guess I like her more than most marginally talented people. I know I’m not alone in liking these songs–or others not mentioned! Below is another collabo with Ja and my boy Nas that I used to play out too. This is when Nas was going thru some phase when he thought he was gonna be down with The Inc? glad that didn’t last. Also, it this song especially its SOOO evident that Ja modeled himself after Pac.

12 responses to “I wanna be like those girls…

  1. Poor Ashanti. Lol. She can’t sing anymore than a lot of the current “hot” chicks (Rihanna, anyone??), but she did have some hits. I agree with a lot of this list. I’d probably take “So Hot” off and replace it with “Rain On Me.” And “Good Good” was my jam too!

  2. true2me says:

    Lol hey girlie, Ashanti is my guilty pleasure as well, baby is my favorite and only u can make feel song (i dont know the title) . great now u gon make me download her to my music list lol

  3. Reecie says:

    yep Rain on Me is the other favorite I referenced earlier. I LOVE THAT SONG! and I was totally thinking of Rihanna too.

  4. Jubilance says:

    I like Ashanti, even though she really can’t sing & she gets a lot of flack. Her first album helped me get through the hell of my first college relationship, “Foolish” summed up our relatinship perfectly.

    Sadly, I don’t think she’ll ever recreate the magic that she had on earlier albums, since she’s no longer on The Inc & doing stuff with Irv & Ja Rule.

  5. Tunde says:

    baby is my favorite ashanti track. maybe its because nia long was in the video.

  6. MilanRouge says:

    Yeah I eff’d with Ashanti back then…got a few songs on my IPOD from her. You hit all my favs plus the whole Murder Inc. movement songs that had her on every hook like ‘Down A$$ Bi$ch’ (along with Charli Baltimore…errrm…I looked passed that). The Pledge remix though??! STILL love it. Used to bump that all the time. I also liked ‘Happy’ and ‘The Way That I Love You’.

    Yeah she pretty much can’t sing worth nothing but for some reason I’ve still always liked her. LOL

    I used to dig Ja Rule as well…with his “sangin in the background” self! LMAO!

  7. Crooky says:

    OK…I am not an Ashammy fan, HOWEVER, I did like “Baby” and “Good Good” (the video for it was kinda cute too).

    Like Jubi said, I don’t think she’s going to have much more relevance since Murder Inc. is kaput. Is she still with Nelly? Think I heard they were a wrap (and I liked them as a couple).

  8. D. Mitch says:

    Aight, I gotta admit, I effed with Ashanti too (not cause of her singin of But Rain on Me, Baby, and The Way that I Love You were bumps on the iPod….but def my favorite song was the Unfoolish remix wit Big’s verse from Fuckin You Tonite.

    “Some say the ex, makes the sex spec-tacular, lemme lick ya from ya neck to the back of ya….”

  9. Melody says:

    There are a few Ashanti songs I can rock with. Even though she said “Aww Baby” 273 times in the song, I liked “Rock Wit U.” Her first cd got some play in my stereo too. I think the tight music of her songs saved her.

  10. Cryssy says:

    I hate that you made me remember she has songs i like… ’tis all!

  11. I can honestly say I never really liked Ashanti. But I did like Rain on Me and The Way that I Love You. Her stuff isn’t bad, just not my thing.

  12. To be real, Ashanti benefited from great promotion from Irv Gotti, who kept her real seperate from Murder Inc. She came in the game at a time when the game was weak and Murder Inc, gave her hood appeal to all the chicks shopping at Rainbow. At the same time, she basically emulated Janet Jackson’s style of songwriting. She was the original Rihanna, but to be honest Madonna did the same thing. Mediocre talent, with superb songwriting and promotion.

    My first comment here, iLike this.

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